Monday, August 12, 2013

Marcy's Travel and Animal Blogs- Hanging out with The Lovely Golden Retriever, Lady Luna!

From Marcy (A.K.A Auntie M)

 For the past several days I've been hanging out with this beautiful Golden Retriever. Her name is "Luna",  but I lovingly call her "Lady Luna".

Golden Retrievers were developed as gun dogs, aiding hunters in retrieving fowl and small game. Noted for retrieving the game without tearing it up, they are a favorite among the hunters.

Goldens are a versatile, intelligent breed. They are often used as leader dogs for the blind as well as comfort dogs for sick children.

At this point, I let the animal do the talking. They each have their own personalities and stories.

From Luna:

Hello there! Some of you remember me as "Bella Luna", a nick name Auntie M gave me when I was a little pup.

 Now I'm all grown up. Auntie M tells me I'm now "Lady Luna", because I've learned to be such a good companion, with wonderful manners!

This is me with my beautiful female owner this past winter. She gives me a great deal of love and affection!

My male owner and leader of the pack takes me on all sorts of outdoor adventures! Give me water, ducks, and fish- I'm one happy canine!

So, now on to Auntie M's visit! We have done a lot of exploring! We've climbed hills, walked trails, and
chased ducks. (O.k., I chased the ducks, or at least tried to!)

This picture is of me, sitting and watching the ducks --VERY  intently!

We've moved since Auntie M's last visit. At one point, she paused, not too sure which way to go. I took over and gave her a nudge in the right direction!

Auntie M says that this picture proves that after I got her back home, I was LAUGHING at her! (I do have to admit, I was amused- and proud of myself!)

Now, I know Auntie M would've gotten us home just fine, but helping her out made me feel good. She told me she was proud of me, but to stop laughing!

I forgot to mention one of my favorite times during our walks: SMELLING! My nose is super wonderful for smelling all sorts of things! Thankfully, Auntie M gave me some time each walk to explore with my sniffer!

When we are not out and about, I sit by the patio door, watching the world go by- and of course have my toys handy to show to the children who pass by.

One reason Auntie M decided I was a lady- my eating manners! I wait until I'm told it's o.k. before I go to my food dish! And I even sit calmly with a treat in front of me, until I'm told it's o.k. to eat! This picture is proof! (Can you see Auntie M's hand holding a treat in front of my nose?)

With all this climbing, walking, and duck watching- as well as getting my coat brushed, a nap feels pretty good!!

You folks will have to excuse me now! I hear some Sand Cranes! Time to go have a look! I hope to connect with you folks again!

Last note from Auntie M:  Thanks to Lady Luna, I do believe I've lost a few pounds! I certainly have enjoyed spending time with her! She's become a delight to walk! I can honestly say she now has graduated and deserves the title of "Lady"!

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