Sunday, June 30, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Quiet Moments

There is something wonderful about the hour before dawn! From time to time, I stumble out of bed in the early morning, grab a cup of coffee, and wander outside.

The world is hush. All is quiet. I settle into a chair with my cup and listen. The birds are not yet awake. The tree frogs have quieted their song. Peaceful quiet surrounds me.

I breath in the fresh air, and just "be".  Enveloped in the pre-dawn hush is a spiritual experience for me. I find my heart full of gratitude. I am witness to the birth of a new day, and I feel a sense of awe!

Often, in the rush of chores, errands, and just "life",  I forget.

 I forget the gift of life, the wonder of nature, and the joy that can be found in simple pleasures. But this sacred hour- this time of wonder gives me the gift of peace and remembering. If I close my eyes, I can sense the pulse of nature. I can remember the childhood pleasure of talking to trees and animals, of watching a bird soar above me with that feeling of innocent awe. That childhood connection with Mother Earth lives in me still!

As I sit reflecting, I often find myself counting blessings. It's almost spontaneous, as if my heart bursts with the feeling of gratefulness.

In the quite I wait, watching the sky.

And then slowly, a bit of light shows on the horizon! My heart quickens a little. It's a sliver of gold, that first light. A twitter or two of birds waking can be heard. The sliver of gold turns to a deep magenta, then lightens to blend with the grey and blue of sky and cloud.

And a new day begins!

I thank what ever power there be for the privilege to witness this birth, and to have this time. I want to look for beauty, even during the rush of the day. I want to find a moment to listen, to laugh, to be grateful.

And when the day is done, and the sun sets, I will look to the heavens and silently say "Well done! And Thank You!"

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