Friday, June 21, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Moving to A Little Slice Of Heaven!

I'll bet many of you have been wondering where I've been!  My newest adventure has been moving! For many of us, "An Adventure" is the last thing you would call moving! Yes, it does involve a lot of work, initially. But when you move to some place "Heavenly", you don't mind!

My biggest struggle was finding a way to get phone service and internet here in the country! But perseverance does pay off! I now am happily connected to the rest of the world again!

Being a nature loving out of doors girl, I have found the perfect spot to dwell when I'm not traveling! My friend Jaye has a mother-in-law apartment she has rented to me. In the country, on wooded acreage,  I am surrounded on all sides by Mother Nature's beauty!

Of course, first comes the organizing of belongings to the new place. (A place for everything, and everything in it's place!)  Because I'm not gifted with organizational skills, this takes a bit of time! But singing a happy nesting song helps. (I'm afraid I've scared the wild life with my warbling!)

When I first arrived, flowering trees and bushes were in their glorious color!

Flowering Cherry Tree- the picture doesn't do it justice!

My covered porch is like something from a dream! It's a perfect place to meditate. In the early morning, I hear the birds greeting the dawn with song. I've seen a mama fox walking the ridge, bunnies racing through the brush, and large birds soaring- looking for breakfast.

 At dusk, the birds sing their "good night's", the tree frogs break into song, deer roam the property, and all is well with the world.

When the wind blows, there are wind chimes that sound like church bells. Heavenly!

This is a writer's paradise! The peace and quiet, the nature outside my door, and the beauty of this place makes my heart sing!

As I give myself permission to be a little less task oriented, I'm beginning to experience more and more the country rhythm.

The roads and driveways around here are lined with mature pine trees, producing a wonderful canopy of green! This driveway goes from the house to the barn!!

Surrounded on all sides by trees, the quiet is almost hypnotic! It begs one to take a moment to count blessings and just enjoy "being"!

There are animals here!! There is a three legged dog named Maggie! She is the sweetest, most loving creature! She's a rescue dog, terribly mistreated at one time. Now she knows she's loved and in a heavenly place!

There is a 35 year old horse, still a beautiful, feisty old man! He greets me with a soft "nay" whenever I come to the barn!

This is his favorite thing- eating! (Guess we have something in common!) I get such a chuckle when he thinks it's time for food- or at least a treat! He paws the fence and calls out. He certainly knows what time it is! Funny!

There are four barn cats here! Camera shy and illusive, I have yet to get pictures of them!

In the last few weeks, my attention was focused on plants! Green vines on my covered porch,and beautiful flowers in my flower pots and baskets! I was itching to do this for a month before the snow melted! But Mother Nature had other plans. Now, with the warm weather, and my move almost complete, the urge to get my hands dirty was getting stronger!

So prepare yourself for at least a few garden pictures! (Sorry! I can't help myself!) Ha!

A little view of my garden, from my covered porch. (And the lush woods behind!)

I think I'm safe now in wishing you a Happy Summer! Mother Nature has once again blessed Michigan with  beautiful weather!! (Thank goodness!)

As the sun sets, and the last light kisses the tree tops, I breath a prayer of thanksgiving for this wonderful new place I now call home!

In addition to all my other blessings, Jaye has offered me a large room in the barn which we are turning into a "Writer's Studio"!! I'll be posting my blogs from there, when I'm not traveling elsewhere! Who knows! This may be a perfect spot to write a book,...or three! My cup overflows!

Soon I'm on to new adventures! So until next time, take a few minutes out of each day to find a quiet spot, listen to the wind, the birds, and even smell a flower or two!

Life is an adventure! And Mother Nature's beauty is part of that wonderful journey!

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