Friday, April 5, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Looking For Spring!

I came back from Florida this past weekend. Since then I've been searching for signs of Spring! The temperature in the mornings hovered around 26 degrees! A few days ago I decided to go looking for signs of Spring. So, windblown and chilled, my Grandson Evan and I decided this would be a perfect quest.

Of course, you don't bring a 9 year old boy on a quest without food! We stopped at a Subway, picked up sandwiches, and headed for Kensington Metro Park.  We figured that if there were any traces of Spring, we'd see them there!

Because the wind was so cold, we had a "in car" picnic!

I wanted to show Evan a good spot for fishing. When we arrived at the fishing pier, the wind was so chilly, we stayed only for a few minutes.

Ice was still obvious along the shore line! Brrr!

With the wind blowing, we decided Evan would be the camera man, while I did the driving. I have to say, he did a fantastic job. The 9 year old has talent! (Spoken like a true Nonna! That's "Grandma" in Italian.

This is a walking/biking trail that goes all around the lake. In the late Spring, Summer, and Fall there are always people along here. None on that day. Nope- doesn't look like we've found signs of Spring yet.

We saw a number of beautiful white birds landing on the lake. We decided to investigate.

Swans! Now I have often seen a couple here and there, swimming beside each other. But what we saw surely is a GOOD sign that Spring is here- even though it didn't feel like it.

There were Swans everywhere! I have never seen so many at one time!

With Evan in the foreground, I tried to capture the sheer number in just one area! They sure are beautiful, graceful birds!

It was time to say goodbye to the swans and continue our quest. Evan spied a hearty biker along one of the trails! Whew! That's dedication!

The landscape, though free of snow, had yet to get a hint of green.

In the late Spring, this road has a canopy of green- but not yet.

We decided to head to the one place that surely had signs that Spring was here- The Farm Center!

Yep- baby animals! These piglets were born the first part of March!

This lamb was snuggled next to it's mama! I think it would be happy with warmer temperatures too!

These piglets were only a about a week old! There were 12 of them! Evan had one very interested in saying hello! They had a warming light that they would nap under, whenever they weren't nursing or playing.

It was time to end our quest and say goodbye to this amazing place. The swans and baby animals were surely a sign that Spring is definitely here. As we headed out of the park, we passed the wooden walkway that is part of the "Nature Center and Bird sanctuary".

We were grateful for the day's sunshine! That is something that helps lift the spirits
The very next day (yesterday), it warmed up enough to where my granddaughter Payton ran outside without her coat on! (Note the sucker in her mouth) Evan ran out to take a picture of her next to the Tulips that are getting ready to bloom!

Later, Payton and I took a walk while Evan played outside with friends! Now THAT felt like Spring!

With hope that the Winter chill is behind us, I now am looking forward to planting flowers, and revisiting Kensington Metro Park when it is again a lush green!
Thank you for going on our little quest with us! We've had a fun couple of days!

Until the next adventure, stay safe, stay happy, stay warm!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the cold spring weather with seeing Evan and the Princess...<3 We are having a fabulous Spring <3 Temps in the mid 80's today. MeMO