Friday, March 1, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Some Of My Favorite Memories!!

As I said goodbye to my friend and hostess, Jan, and headed down the concourse to my flight, I felt that old tug of my heart. It was the "I want to go home, but I want to stay" tug. Have you ever had two opposite feelings about the same thing?

I received my seat assignment, a window seat! My favorite! The door was closed, the announcements and  the familiar safety demonstration made. And off we flew! Will I ever get tired of the feeling of exhilaration at that moment when we leave mother earth for the sky? Even with  all my years of flying, I've never grown tired of it!

Then there was the sunshine, pouring in from above, and the amazing scene below, as mother earth slipped away!  Higher and higher we climbed, ever upward, until we were part of the clouds and that wonderful "blue ocean" of air!

And then my mind turned back the clock to my southern adventure I was now leaving. And I silently sorted the events into my fondest memories, my favorite parts of my southern adventure.


My first morning in Florida! Warm breezes and a perfect sky!

Dinner at  "Nervous Nellie's", where our laughter was a wonderful part of the meal!

The musician at "Nervous Nellie's" who played so beautifully!

Jan has a host of friends in Florida. All of them were warm with kindness and hospitality! They made me feel right at home!


Home of Jan's dear friend Deb (who is camera shy)- wonderful hostess and historical guide!

Magnolia Plantation in Charleston:

I could have lived here, daily taking in the color, the beauty and peaceful tranquility!

I am a nature lover, as you can tell. And I hunger for natures colors!

The flowers here were amazing!

If I had a Saint- It would be Saint Francis of Assisi

Jan and I walking the beach on the Atlantic Ocean at sunset- awe inspiring!


I loved the little courtyards that were everywhere!

Paula Deen's restaurant "Lady and Son's"- where I kissed my waistline goodbye!

Meeting the "Forest Gump" actor was quite a surprise- and a fun addition to our Savannah tour!

Loved the sound of music wafting across the square!

Ah! Yep! More color!

Enjoyed watching the chess game in the town square.

After lunch at "Clary's", Jan and I vowed to watch "Midnight in the garden of good and evil" again! If they didn't actually shot film in this restaurant, they got every detail down to a "T"!

Another highlight was our stay at the Hamilton-Turner Inn!  (Where Southern Hospitality was exemplified!)

Jan and the owner of the Hamilton- Turner Inn- Mr. Dunlop! What a wonderful host!

Beautiful Lafayette Square, across from our Inn.

Saint John The Baptist  Cathedral, where the decor and stained glass windows were beautiful!

I can't forget our laughter as we wandered Savannah at night, lost and looking for our Inn. It seemed that no matter what sort of pickle we found ourselves in, there was a good laugh in there somewhere!


Our drive down to Florida brought warmer temperatures, and laughter as we argued with "Nellie GPS"!

My day at the beach, where I went from pasty white, to pink- to red! (Note to self: 4 hours in the sun on the first day, not a great idea!)

More color! Yes!
"Ding Darling Nature Refuge"


And finally- my last sunset in Florida!

Dear readers, I do apologize for the length of this blog! I wanted to choose just a few of my favorites, but I had "many"! I think you'll agree with me that it's been a fun adventure! A special "THANK YOU" to my friend Jan, who was a wonderful hostess and friend!

And with these memories close to my heart, I landed in Michigan. My family was waiting for me with warm hugs and big smiles. That warmed my heart! And...this is what I came home to!

Ah well. Spring is just around the corner! That will be my mantra for the next several weeks! Meanwhile, there are more adventures to plan, places to go, and things to see! And part of the joy for me is sharing it with you!

Life is an adventure! Even when it's a bumpy ride!

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