Friday, March 29, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Manatee Park, Butterflies, And Italian Food!

Here I am at "Manatee Park" on Wednesday! My friend Jan wanted to show me the Manatee that come to this area when the ocean water is too chilly for them. We spent the afternoon wandering this little park, learning lots of fun facts about the Manatee, Butterflies, and vegetation!

I liked the sign at the entrance to the park. My sentiments exactly! (Yep, I'm a nature lover!)

This is the canal the Manatee swim up to get to the warm water near the power plant here. Try as I might, I couldn't get a picture of the Manatee's snouts as they came up for air. They were too quick for my camera finger!

The best I could do was a picture of a picture! Though they are lumbering, large creatures, they are gentle and peaceful. They are vegetarians! And like me, they do not do well in the cold. When the water temperature off the coast gets 60 degrees or less, they come inland to find warmer water.


Thought you might like a few facts about the Manatee babies.

The best way to see these creatures is to rent a kayak or canoe, something Jan wanted to do. Because it was a bit chilly, I wasn't interested. (Maybe next time)

I found it interesting that the nearest relative to the Manatee is the elephant!

The Manatee Park also has a Butterfly garden! Yep! I saw them, but they were as elusive to my camera as the Manatee!

Flowers! Ah!

These flowers were part of the Butterfly garden!

I thought these were pretty. LOVE the color!

This is a statue. I was amused. I watched a lot of tourists take pictures with it.

But then I saw this sign. Well- maybe one should be a bit cautious?

I took this trail.  Being a gardener of sorts, I wanted to see the Florida vegetation.

I followed the trail, as it took me on a dirt path, leading me right among the Mangrove trees! I suddenly remembered the warning sign about the alligators! Hm! Perhaps a "higher" route might be wiser!

The higher route!

This picture of Jan looks alarmingly real! I'm happy to report- she still has both legs!

Thursday was spent in happy laziness! Sometimes you have to just kick back and enjoy doing nothing! But Jan and I were invited to join a group going out for dinner. It was to be an Italian dinner and Birthday celebration. Italian? O.k.! I'll go!

The restaurant is called "Nino's", and is located right near Hammond Stadium in Fort Myers.

There was a group of 14 of us. This is an awful picture (sorry folks), but gives you an idea of how large of a group it was.

A cake was brought in to celebrate both a husband and his wife's Birthdays.

My meal was Veal Piccata, which was wonderful! They served Italian rolls, salad, and a side of spaghetti with the meal! I added a glass of wine. It was a wonderful meal- with great food and lively, friendly conversation!

This is Erica, who single-handedly served us all, and did a fantastic job! Thank you, Erica! She even cut the cake and served it to us! I was amazed how gracious and efficient she was with such a large group! Everyone was impressed!

We left the restaurant with full bellies, hugs and "goodbye's". What a lovely group of people! It was a fun evening!

I can't believe I have only one day left of my vacation! Check with me tomorrow to see how I spend it!

Until then! Life is an adventure, greatly enhanced by wonderful company and fantastic Italian food!

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