Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Flying To The Sun!

I took this picture this morning. As the sun was rising, birds chirped their morning greetings, and squirrels chattered away. Snow,  still visible in spots, seemed to be clinging to low lying areas. There was an austere beauty to the morning.

Shivering in the mornings 20 degree temperature, I noticed that the pond at the back of this property is still covered with ice and snow.

There's a hint of Spring in the air, there's no mistaking it. The temperature is going to climb to the high 30's today.

But- I decided that I was heading South, one more time. Yep- heading to Florida!

There are a couple of events that have pushed my travel button! Probably the most immediate is a faulty furnace, due to be replaced next week! And, of course, my never ending quest for sun and warmth is ever present- brought to the forefront by the realization that last year at this time, we had warm breezes and sunshine!

So, Monday I'm off again! I'm heading back to Fort Myers for a week of warmer weather, perhaps a beach day, a swimming pool, and friendship!

I'll return just before Easter, praying all the while for Mother Nature to show us a glorious Spring! And then, April will bring more traveling!

Join me this week as I see what new adventures await!

Remember that life is an adventure, and when it's a chilly ride, nothing beats a quick trip to the sunshine!

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