Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Ah! Sunshine!

As my son Steven drove me to the airport Monday, the weather in Michigan was turning ugly. It was snowing! The wind was picking up. But I was smiling!

Fort Myers, Florida! Here I come!

My "standby Angel" was watching over me. Not only did I get on the airplane, but I was assigned a First Class seat! And to add to it, my favorite- a window seat!

It seemed to take a long time from the time we took off until we broke through the overcast. When the blue sky and sunshine became visible, it was a welcome sight!

Lunch was served. Of course, the photo doesn't do it justice. (Tossed salad with marinated chicken, hot tomato bisque, tortilla chips, a glass of wine, and a yummy brownie for dessert!)

The scenery below was changing. No more snow! No more heavy overcast. And lots of sunshine!

After we landed,  an hour's bus ride from the airport brought me to "Indian Creek"- my home for the next five days! A friendly security guard at the entrance decided to give me a ride to the RV I'm renting for the week! What a gentleman!

After unpacking, I decided a swim was in order!
The pool is warm, and wonderful to swim in! But the wind was picking up! Getting out of the pool was a whole nother ball game! The temperature was dropping quickly! Brrrrr! (What did I do, bring the cold with me?)  I felt like one big goose bump as I trotted back to the RV!

I grabbing a bite to eat,  settling in, laid down for a quick nap - and woke up the next morning! I haven't slept for 12 hours in quite a while! I guess I needed it!

The temperature today was only 64, with more wind then the folks have seen here in quite a while. But I am not complaining! I'm happy to be here. Tomorrow the temperature will start to climb again. Perhaps I'll even get a beach day in before I return.

My RV is right next to my friend Jan's. So, I'm her neighbor for a week!  She had me over for lunch today, and we're heading out for dinner this evening. It's good to have a friend here. I just might talk her into a game of cards or domino's this evening! I know it sounds pretty tame, but our games are always peppered with a lot of laughter and kidding. It makes for a fun time, tame or not. Now- if we add a glass or two of wine with that, it just may get a little more interesting! LOL!

Until next time!  Life is an adventure, and friendship and sunshine certainly enhance it!!

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