Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Sunshine And A Sunset At Sanibel Island, An Appropriate Finale!

Jan (my wonderful hostess) decided that my final time in Florida should be spent back at Sanibel Island. The morning was spent at the RV Park's wonderful warm swimming pool! I would've taken a picture, but there were so many people there, there was no way to get everyone's permission to take a picture!

Also going on was a shuffleboard tournament! There are so many activities here, one would have a hard time choosing! Jan participates in a 5 mile bike ride that happens at least once a week, the card game "Hand, Knee, and Foot", and get-togethers a plenty!

Around noon we took off for Sanibel Island. One of Jan's favorite places is called "C.R.O.W."- Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife.

Founded by Shirley Walter, the clinic's goal is to do the following:

Once checked into the clinic, the animal is diagnosed, receives treatment, rehabilitated, and released back into the wild- with as little human contact as possible.

They have a quote from Albert Einstein at C.R.O.W that I love!

 "Our task is to free ourselves- by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty!"

From there, Jan drove me around a VERY exclusive area of Sanibel Island. Because we are not allowed to stop on the streets of this community, I was literally hanging out the car window as Jan drove slowly by. Below are some of the fabulous homes!

It was time for an early dinner! Jan decided on a restaurant called "Gramma Dot's". This restaurant is part of a Marina.

We chose to sit outside! I love what they did with the flowers here!

This beautiful flowering bush is everywhere on the Island! Ah! I love the color!

This was our view from our table! Some of these boats are just fabulous!

Off to the pier we went. We wanted to see the sunset beach side! There was a woman there who was making balloon animals for sale. She was great with the kids!

A Dairy Queen! I resisted temptation! But there was a hot fudge and marshmallow sunday that was haunting my memory! The only way to resist was to walk away. (sigh!)

                                                           And now, the Sunset! 

The Pier
Jan told me that people often gather at sunset, and cheer as it slips behind the horizon!
The beach itself turned into a piece of artwork! (Mother Natures!)
This sail boat had perfect timing for my camera shot! LOVE this picture!
The water was turning a beautiful shade of silver!
Jan and I walked the beach. As we turned toward the pier, the sunset framed itself!

The boardwalk was coming alive with lights.

Jan knew of a beach on the far east side of the Island, where she thought we could catch the last crimson rays of sunset. We jumped in the car and headed that way. My mind was still swimming with the dazzling sunset I just witnessed! I wasn't sure we could capture anything else. As always, the ever artistic Jan knew best!

This too was breath taking! What a wonderful last evening in Florida! As I slipped into dream land, my heart and mind turned towards home, and the ones I love and missed! Tomorrow is my journey back to winter! Join me! One never knows what adventure may await, or what's around the corner!

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