Friday, February 22, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Sunny Florida, Here We Come!!

As we said goodbye to Savannah, we turned our thoughts back to Fort Myers, Florida.  Warm breezes and the promise of sun and surf was in our near future!

Our drive south was fairly uneventful, with an occasional "discussion" between Jan and Nellie (her GPS).  From time to time Nellie would remind us that we were NOT going in the direction she had set out for us. Jan's reactions to these occasional scoldings from Nellie was short and sweet- something like "Not happening!" or "Quiet, Nellie!" It was always amusing when one of us would argue with this electronic device!

We arrived at Jan's RV park around 8:30 p.m. Our plan was to spend the next day on the beach!

The next day we were up and out the door before noon. We wanted to reach Sanibel Island early. Parking can be a problem at the beach Jan had in mind. Jan called this beach "Blind Pass".

After a short wait, we found parking, and off to play in the surf we went.

When I say "play in the surf", I mean wading up to our knees! Neither of us do much swimming in the ocean! Too cold! We wandered the beach, looking for shells.

We sat listening to the ocean waves hit the shore! Ah! Wonderful! I let the sun kiss me, warming the winter chill out of my old bones!

Jan took the picture to the left. There was a whole flock of little shore birds, walking the beach. They almost blend with the sand, don''t they!

After four hours, Jan (who spent a great deal of time under the beach umbrella) was slightly more tan then when we arrived. I, on the other hand, was turning red!! (Oops! Guess I didn't finish putting on that sunblock!)

After a quick rinse off (to get rid of a small portion of sand) we headed for a restaurant called "Doc Ford's Rum Bar and Grille" on Sanibel Island.

Jan told me that the author "Randy Wayne White"- well known for his "Doc Ford" mystery novels , is part owner.

I noticed many of his books for sale in the vestibule.

We decided to sit outside on the patio. The day was too warm and wonderful to waste inside!

I found the table covering fascinating! It was a map of Sanibel Island and the surrounding area!

After Doc Fords, we headed home. I was feeling VERY chilled! (Oops! Sunburn!)  In truth, the weather was turning. I was glad we took the day to play outdoors! The rain and cool temperatures came in! The next day Jan went about her day while I spent most of the day in bed! I guess the sun can really take it out of you!

The following day a group of folks from the RV park invited us to join them at the Outback Restaurant. There was about 13 of us total. We had one server, who took excellent care of us! These folks were so welcoming, I felt like I had known them for a long time!

This is our wonderful server, who took us all on alone, and did a fantastic job! Thank you for your ready smile and great service!!

By the next day my "redness" had started turning to tan. Except for a bit of itchiness, I was fine. But it was cold outside by Florida standards. (At least I thought so!) I was happy for my Michigan winter coat! And it was still raining! We spent the evening with some lovely folks from the RV Park, playing a card game called "Hand, Knee, and Foot"! Laughter was one of the best parts of the evening!

I dozed off to sleep that night, knowing that the morning was to bring the end of the rain, and the start of warmer temperatures and new adventures! Join me on Monday to see what Sanibel Island had in store for us!

Until then! Life is indeed an adventure, and a bit of sunburn and rain was not about to dampen my spirits!

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