Monday, February 11, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- In Each Vacation Some Rain Must Fall!

We woke to rain pounding the roof and wind causing the ocean waves to be very choppy! But we were not going to let anything dampen our spirits! As we prepared to head into the city of Charleston, we grabbed umbrellas. Off we drove into Charleston!

The rain went to a light drizzle. (My! My weather angel is good!)

We headed for Charleston's Market Place. This place is building after building filled with booths of all sorts of things.

I was determined not to spend a fortune on pretty things that I don't need. I did find a sweet sundress for my granddaughter, and some unusual hair accessories that look like fun.

Now,  Jan and I both have a sweet tooth. (Meaning we love candy!) That's Jan to the left, in front of the Charleston Candy Kitchen. I love the archway's of the old buildings!

At the Charleston Candy Kitchen

What to do with all the candy shops around!! Oh my! Idea! Stop in the shop and get a sample of whatever they are making for the day! To the left is a lovely young lady named Khaliliah. She was gracious enough to give each of us a small sample of the newly made praline! Yum!

We walked the streets of Charleston a bit, slipping into shops here and there, more to window shop than anything else. I love the little courtyards they have! Even between the buildings there are beautiful little areas, often with sitting areas, and sometimes with fountains.

We stopped at an Irish restaurant called "Tommy Condon's".  They have an outside courtyard that has a roof and is heated. We thought that would be fun. Abby was our waitress, was very sweet, and took good care of us.

I ordered the corned beef and cabbage. Jan had ordered something. (Can't remember the name of it)- but when it came she decided she couldn't eat it. It wasn't what she expected. Ben is the manager. He o.k.'d Jan getting something else instead. Both he and Abby came by often to make sure that we were doing o.k. This establishment has cozy areas inside. One is by a fireplace. They have a large picture of two men over that fireplace- but had a hard time getting a good picture of it. Thank you, Ben and Abby- for your great customer service!

The next stop was the Edmondston-Alston House. It was now pouring rain, so no exterior pictures. Unfortunately, no interior pictures were allowed. The home overlooks the Ashley River. Our guide was Susan, who gave us a lovely tour. One new fact I learned: If you owned a home in the South- after the Civil War, your home was now the property of the U.S. Government! You had to apply for a formal pardon in order to get your property back.

Jan and I ventured onto the second floor balcony with our guide, Susan.

The front courtyard was a lovely combination of brick, vines, trees, and areas to sit or wander.

Thank you, Susan for your gracious attention to all of our questions!

By now it was really pouring rain, and we were hungry again! Off we went to the Out Back in Mount Pleasant. Laughter and good food was the fare for our last night in Charleston!

The wet outside didn't dampen our spirits one bit!

Hayley was our waitress for the evening meal. With a gracious smile and good service she seemed to enjoy our laughter and banter. Thanks Hayley! Good job!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Charleston and are off to a new adventure! We're hoping for good weather and sunshine! But good weather or ill, it's all part of the adventure!  So stay tuned! See what sort of trouble Jan and I can get into next! ---O.k.- we're pretty tame that way, but you never know when We'll suddenly cut loose! Ha!!

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