Monday, February 4, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Goodbye Michigan, Hello Sunshine!!

Yep! You guessed it! Saturday was the day for flying! My daughter-in-law Mia and I left the house early, picked up some coffee on the way, and headed for the airport. Though the going was slower than normal (due to "iffy" road conditions) we arrived at Detroit Metro with time to spare!

The picture to the left is the inside of Metro once I got through security. (As you can tell, I was happy to be on my way! Ha! The inside of the airport looked so inviting!)

I wasn't at the gate for more than a few moments when my name was called to pick up my seat assignment! Whew! I got on without a hitch! (One never knows for sure when on standby!)

So off I took at 10:00 a.m.! Goodbye Michigan winter!

My seat was in the last row- but I didn't mind! I was on board, which was all that mattered! The flight attendant who worked my section was Leonard, who took good care of all of us! He was gracious to young and old alike! Thank you Leonard!

We landed right on time. The sunshine on the tarmac was such a welcome sight, I had to take a picture of it!

My friend and hostess for this vacation is Jan. We've known each other for about five years, belong to the same card club, and have had many a laugh together! So Jan picked me up at the Fort Myers airport. First stop was the "Bahama Breeze Restaurant" for lunch. John was our waiter and suggested Sea Food quesadillas. We added salads! Yum!! Good jjob John!

After a quick stop at the grocery store we headed to Indian Creek RV Resort where Jan lives while wintering in Florida. This place is huge! Large ponds and swimming pools everywhere!

After unpacking, changing, and chatting, I wandered a bit- enjoying the  warmer temperature and beautiful sky as the sun started to set.

As we talked about where to go for dinner. Jan's suggestion was "Nervous Nellie's" at Fort Myers Beach! Off we took for a "food" adventure!

Set on the North end of Fort Myers Beach on the inter- coastal water way, this restaurant is quite the interesting place. When you walk in- you're in a gift shop- with stairs leading up to the restaurant. A mural of a mermaid is on the wall as you go up the stairs!

The restaurant has two levels, with seating inside and out. Jan and I chose to eat outside.

 I was a bit concerned that the evening might turn a bit cold with the wind blowing off the water. But the restaurant had that covered! These fire cages (what I'm calling them) Let off enough heat to keep everyone warm and cozy outside.

The menu was almost the size of a newspaper, and four pages long!

Jan ordered the "French Dip". The sandwich was huge! Though sometimes quantity does not equal quality, in this instance the quality was first rate!

I ordered the "Hot Cast Iron Seared Atlantic Mahi Mahi", served with wild yellow rice pilaf and green beans. Oh my! They put a whiskey JalapeƱo pepper sauce over the top of the fish that was fantastic!

Our wonderful waitress was Jazmin! She recommended a white wine- Canyon Road Moscato- that was excellent!

Out on our deck was a musician playing the gutar. His name is Ira Wilkes. Excellent music! His business card has a cool saying- "WHEN WORDS FAIL, MUSIC SPEAKS". Thank you, Ira for setting a relaxed atmosphere with your great tunes!!

This is a view of the restaurant from the wharf, with their "cage fires" burning on both levels!

Our wonderful waitress, Jazmin surprised us with a special dessert! It's called "Mud Puddle"- home made chocolate mousse with their oreo cookie crust. Whipped cream, ice-cream, and a carmel syrup drizzled on top- and you have a dessert lovers delight!

Our evening ended with a special visit from Jan's brother. He lives near the restaurant and walked over with his dog Harry to say hi!

Canine Harry delighted us with  dancing  for a treat!

Jan and I walked her brother and dog back home, then headed home ourselves. Such a day!! Packed full of fun and food, we groaned with happiness and full bellies while we fell into our beds!

Sunday was a day to walk, relax, and go to a Super Bowl Party! Jan has many lovely friends here! And boy! They know how to cook! Wow! Two days in a row of waddling away from dinner tables! Not good on the ole figure, but wonderful for the palate!

Today we're heading for South Carolina- the Isle Of Palms! It' roughly a 9 1/2 hour ride, so catch up with you later!!

Have a wonderful day! Remember, life is an adventure, and part of this wonderful adventure is FOOD!

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