Friday, February 1, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Florida Dreaming!

Fridays, especially after a winter storm, is NOT a good day to stand by for a flight.  So- off to the airport I go tomorrow morning aiming for the 10 a.m. flight! Wish me luck!

 Needless to say, standing by for flights- this in itself is an adventure! So, of course I'll be blogging about it.

Meanwhile, I have the opportunity to rethink my packing. It's strange that though I flew for 39 years, I sort of lost the ability to pack SMART! With a bit more time, I'm pulling out some of that "extra" unneeded clothing.

There is always the risk of getting to a point in my 18 day vacation when I damn myself for not bringing something.  Florida has clothing stores- right? Ha ha!

So for now I'm closing my eyes and dreaming of warm breezes and my face being kissed by the sun!

Touch base with you tomorrow- or Sunday, depending on the internet availability!

Until then!!

Life is an adventure, even when you only fly standby!

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