Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Marcy's Travel Blog- Boyne Mountain Skiing!!

Monday morning we woke to a light drizzle, that didn't seem to dampen this family's spirits. We started with a lovely buffet breakfast at the lodge.

Off we went to get rented skis for Mia and the grandkids. Steven has a snow board that he brought along.

With this being Payton's first time on skis, her daddy spent a bit of time giving some instructions. I don't ski, so played the camera person- here to record the moments.

I expected Payton to fall more than anything else, but that didn't happen! She took to it like a duck to water, staying upright and unafraid of her ever increasing speed!

Meanwhile, daddy Steven spent a great deal of time running backwards down the bunny hill (in ski boots), with words of encouragement.

After both Evan and Payton put in a bit of practice time, they were ready for the next level. Evan has skied before, but it has been quite a while, so it was "refresher time" for him.

The next step up from the bunny hill had this "Magic Carpet"- which was like a conveyer belt. You stepped on this moving carpet, and it brought you to the top of the hill.

Payton thought this was just too cool!

As Steven worked with Payton, Mia gave instruction to Evan. This is Mia,  waiting for Evan to join her mid-hill.

About at this point Payton got a bit teary, because her feet hurt. Realizing she probably needed bigger boots, those were traded in for some bigger white and purple boots. Payton was not only happy that the new boots didn't hurt, she loved the colors!

So Steven got off the magic carpet mid way up the hill with Payton,  going higher each time they went up. Then he would run with her as she sped down the hill.

Since she had not learned how to stop yet, he raced to pick her up as she reached the bottom. She was a trooper, wanting to go up hill over and over. But I give a thumbs up to her daddy, who got one heck of a work out!

Finally, with it turning into afternoon, she was doing great- BUT...

...running out of steam!!

Evan was doing good too- but everyone was ready for lunch!

Happy and tired, we settled into seats  at the "Pierson's Grille and Spirits"" near the ski hills. Steven said that running up and down the hills in his ski boots, often times backwards gave him one heck of a work out! But he was so proud of Payton and her first attempt at skiing!

After lunch there was a bit more skiing for the Birthday girl before she was ready for a rest. My son Steven was going to take the afternoon for snow boarding.

I returned to the lodge with Payton while Steven, Mia, and Evan hit the ski hills. What I missed was Evan going down a hill like his hair was on fire, heading straight down the hill -then decided that the only recourse was to sit down. Once down, Evan did quite a tumble, but shook it off and lived to tell the tale! Now his nic name is "Rocket"- in honor for his wild ride down the hill!

These young folk came back from skiing and decided to go back to the Water Park! I, on the other hand, after spending the morning in the light drizzle taking pictures, decided an afternoon in the hotel room seemed great to me! Yep- I wimped out! Ha! And with no apologizes!

The family came back looking  happy, but tired. So it was room service and family chatter about the two days of  Birthday celebration- Payton's love of skiing, and the fun of us all being there together to enjoy the experience.

Another breakfast buffet the following morning, check out and fare well to the Boyne Mountain Resort, A great big THANK YOU to the wonderful staff- and off we headed toward home!

These three pictures are of the "Grand Mountain Lodge"- and I still couldn't capture all of it! Though huge, it still has an "old school" atmosphere of great service and friendly staff!

We stopped at Houghton Lake - wondering what it would be like as a summer retreat, then drove through the rain and fog, reaching home in the late afternoon.

Ah! Safe and sound- home once more!

HOWEVER, dear readers, I'm off again on Thursday, flying rather than driving! I'm heading south! My first stop will be Fort Myers, Florida. So please join me on Friday's blog, as I start a new adventure!

Remember! Life is an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!

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