Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Child's Christmas! (Guest Blogger -Payton)

My name is Payton. You've read a few blogs from my brother Evan- who was a Guest Blogger on our Nonna's Travel blog. Even though I'm only three, I think it's my turn! I'm going to share my Christmas experience with you! O.k.! Here we go!

Santa filled our stockings! We had them hung by the fireplace- but daddy moved them! The next picture shows why.

No room! Wonderful packages everywhere! Not all these were for me, of course! But how exciting to see!

Mama and her mom (Nana) made us brunch!

Daddy and I love to snuggle. We waited together for brunch to be ready.

We have so much fun together! Papa Bill is looking on!

The food was ready! Yum! Mama and Nana made everything delicious!

Mama and daddy shared a lot of laughter! I think they like Christmas too!

The grownups got to drink something called "Mimosa's"

Finally it was time to open gifts! (Everyone told me how great I did waiting! ) But I'm telling you, when the time came- I was SO excited!

Papa Gene got me two princess dresses! As soon as I unwrapped one, I had to put it on! He also got me a Cinderella watch! He helped me put it on!

Daddy enjoyed watching us opening gifts.

Nana and Papa Bill snuggled together while we opened gifts.

My brother Evan (I call him Bubbas) got some wonderful Lego sets!

Our dog Otto was as excited for Christmas as we were! Mama helped him unwrap his gift!

Off he went to bury his Christmas bone in his blankets!

Daddy has wanted a special camera. When mama gave him such a large package, he was sure he had gotten something else!

Mama had fooled him! He got what he wanted! He was so happy!

I had told Santa that I wanted only one thing for Christmas! I so wanted the Minnie Mouse Shopping Cart with Minnie Bows and Cash register. I was thinking he forgot. I got some really nice things, but...

And then Mama pulled another gift for me from around the tree. I couldn't believe it! I was so excited I shouted with happiness! Santa remembered after all!!

Nonna Marcy took all the pictures. We were so busy- we forgot to take pictures of her! But she told me she had a wonderful Christmas!

We didn't get pictures of Mama's gifts- but she also received nice ones! Plus Daddy's other gift for her is bringing her on a ski trip! He said some day they'll take me too!

Daddy enjoyed spending time with his daddy- Papa Gene.

Before Nonna left I played my new guitar for her!

I hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as I had!

I loved all my beautiful  gifts! But I love, love, love having all my family around me! That was the Best part!

And now I can say that I too have been a Guest Blogger!

From "Nonna" Marcy:  Watching Christmas Day unfold through the eyes of a three year old is such a delight! Though Payton is a very verbal and articulate little girl, I have paraphrased for her. I hope you've enjoyed watching her day unfold!

Happy Holidays to all!

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