Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Brighton, Michigan Adventure!!

This weekend I visited downtown Brighton, Michigan. Years ago I lived in this town. I have some favorite haunts here, some old, and few new.

The "Duck Pond" has been here for eons, though it certainly has changed since 1978 when I first moved there! Back then it was just the pond, a lot of duck and geese, a few swings, a slide, and a lot of duck and geese do-do! (Can I say poo?)

The Pond has become a lovely place. There's the imagination station. This is a play ground that even grown ups are envious of.  Unfortunately, there are no lights there at night, so no pictures of the play station this time.

There's a gazebo where bands play on Sunday evenings in the summer time.

And the "Tridge"- a bridge and walk way that criss crosses the duck pond. Each year the city of Brighton puts up Christmas decorations at the Duck Pond.

There's a tradition with many of us. A trip to the Duck Pond means a trip to the "Yum Yum Tree"- a restaurant and ice cream parlor just a block down from the Duck Pond. I personally can not imagine one without the other!

The "Yum Yum Tree" is a delightful place for young and old. If you choose to sit for lunch or dinner, you will be pleasantly surprised at the old ice cream parlor type atmosphere. They have a train track running the perimeter near the ceiling. Different trains appear on the track from time to time. Of course, this time of year it's the Christmas train, including a flat car bearing a Christmas tree!

My daughter-in-law and three year old granddaughter accompanied me on this excursion. Our first stop was the "Yum Yum Tree".  Granddaughter Payton and daughter-in-law Mia have long enjoyed this place, as I have.

Lindsay was our waitress, and took excellent care of us! My granddaughter Payton is in love with chicken nuggets and fries! She doesn't get them often, but when the occasion arises she order them every time! I ordered the famous bacon cheese burger and fries. Mia went healthier with a salad and chili platter.

Of course, when one is in a restaurant with a large array of ice-cream treats, one can NOT say no to dessert! I ordered a small hot fudge sundae. Mia went wild with some sort of large yummy thing called a Banana Royal, while Payton wanted a scoop of  Superman ice-cream  with a  cherry on top!

We then wandered Main Street, looking at all the lights. "The Pound" restaurant is fairly new to Brighton, and is across the street from the Yum Yum Tree.

Looking down Main Street, the lights from the Duck Pond made the street look so festive!

This Episcopal Church stands next to the duck pond, just down the street from the Yum Yum Tree,  and has a cemetery behind it.

The church has stood here since 1881, though the cemetery has been here since 1841!

The parking area next to Rolison Pro Hardware Store was beautifully lit up! Rolison Pro Hardware is another favorite of mine. It's been in Brighton since 1974, with floor to ceiling wares, and personalized service that would make any business proud!

"The Lucky Duck" toy store caught the eye of my granddaughter!

She was mesmerized by the window display.

Another of my favorite haunts is the "Wilderness" store, catering to those of us who are nature lovers! It was not open when we were there, but I liked their Christmas window decorations.

 Payton and her mama dance down the alley!

One of the newer establishments to downtown Brighton is a candy store called "Oh My Lolly". You walk down a alleyway toward the duck pond, and there they are.

Payton and me infront of "Oh My Lolly"  

They make their hard candies right there. You can watch them make the candy from their window, but if you walk inside, you get a sample of the days special flavor!

This year they not only decorated their windows and interior for the holiday, they made a canopy of light in the alleyway!

Payton chose a lolly pop, while I purchased a small jar of peppermint bits. Yummy! Sean, one of the store managers greeted us warmly and took good care of us.

This was a sweet finale to our evening's excursion. We were lucky that the weather cooperated, with temperatures in the low 50's! What luck!

Our next adventure will be downtown Howell. This town is not as well known to me as Brighton, but since I now live here, this is an excellent time to explore what's available and how this place celebrates and decorates for Christmas! There are some beautiful old Victorian homes in Howell, so I'm anxious to see how these homes are decorated!

Please join me for my continuing  adventures in seeing how Michigan celebrates and decorates for Christmas!

The adventure of Christmas, seen through the eyes of children, is a priceless experience!

Evan, Payton, and dog Otto admiring the newly lit Christmas  lights!

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