Friday, November 30, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Ah! Christmas Lights!

I LOVE Christmas lights! I actually feel a pang of loss when they're taken down January 1st!  And, I  silently bless those who leave them up for a bit longer.

This year I noticed that everyone seemed to be anxious to get lights and decorations up early. My theory is that with the brutal election campaign, we all became very hungry for some symbol of the positive, of something beautiful. Perhaps this "theory" just reflects my personal feelings.

With that, I will also acknowledge that perhaps the "child" in me will forever be mesmerized by the beauty of this holiday!

I can't go past a beautiful park filled with lights without humming "Oh Holy Night", and "It's beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!"

Then too, the trees are bare, the flowers gone, and when snow arrives the white landscape leaves one hungry for color!

So, with no shame what-so-ever, I readily admit it! I love it all! The elegant, the gaudy, the simple, and the extreme ornate. To me it's all beautiful!

My neighborhood is beginning to shine with all sorts of colors and shapes- with many more yet to be put up. (Maybe I'll start a petition to leave all lights up until April! Ha!)

It's fun to walk the blocks of the subdivision at night, enjoying the different decorations!

Soon I'll be seeing Christmas trees displayed in front windows of homes, awash with ornaments, tinsel, and lights!

A few nights ago it was a bit foggy, and this tree lit my walk- and gave a feeling of cheer!

I'm anxious to visit several downtown areas! I've heard the Brighton Duck Pond and Downtown Howell looks wonderful! I'll be sure to share some pictures with you!

Life is truly an adventure of experiences and opportunities! So celebrate,  enjoy, and stroll- or just stop  from time to time to take in the beauty around you!

As you all prepare for the coming Holidays, may beauty and laughter be part of each day! Until next time! Enjoy!

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