Monday, October 29, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- "Fare Thee Well, Dear Friends"!

(The definition of the expression "Fare Thee Well" is varied, but I've always known it to mean:  A wish for those you are speaking to-A "Goodbye, be well, do well- until we meet again". This is how my expression is meant."

In my last blog I was at the Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo, Mi. My dear friend Gail and I had literally stuffed ourselves on a wonderful 11 course meal, prepared by our French chef and owner of the Castle, Franois Moyet.

It was now our final morning at the Castle. I took my early morning coffee on the porch, enjoying the colors and the crisp morning air.

We again headed to the breakfast room for our last meal at the Castle. Gail said she was still too full from the night before, so only had fruit, fresh baked banana bread, and coffee. I had the wonderful French toast, but requested only one slice. The food here is so delicious! (And we don't have to do the dishes!)

I again gobbled that wonderful breakfast before thinking of a picture! (Oh dear) It looked beautiful- and the taste! Yum!

The Castle was a bit quieter that morning. There was a traveler who had been up all night, her flight having cancelled due to bad weather. She arrived at the Castle early in the morning, and joined our table for breakfast. There was a young mother and daughter- the stay at the Castle was part of a Birthday present for the little girl. And there was a couple who were newly weds.

Again we chatted with the fellow guests. Such a wonderful and expanding experience, meeting new people and sharing experiences! And of course, sharing these experiences with Gail- who enjoys people as much as I do- well, that's all the better!

We checked out and said our goodbyes. Francois again was a wonderful host. What a joy to have this wonderful old Victorian Castle to come to! And a great part of that joy is due to the owner and host! Thank you, Francois, for your gracious hospitality, your culinary gifts, and your friendship!

Gail gave me a ride to the train station. "Goodbyes" are always hard for me. But along with the sadness is the knowledge that we'll have more adventures together! Thank you, Gail! What a fun little adventure. Next time we'll have to make it a bit longer!!

As I stood on the station platform, watching the train approach- hearing that whistle blow, and feeling the rumble under my feet- that old feeling of excitement swelled inside me again! Another train ride! Yes!

The return trip to Ann Arbor was  a pleasant surprise!  The crew was very gracious. Latoya took good care of me.

Assistant Conductor Michael (left) Lead Service Attendant Latoya (center), and Conductor Brian (right) 

In addition, it was like a color tour! The country side was awash with color! Mother Nature surely was putting on her best Fall display! From time to time the Assistant Conductor  Michael would point out places where a lovely scene would be coming up.

Pictures speak louder than words. I have yet to master the art of picture taking from a train- but little by little, I'll get the hang of it.

Taken more for those wonderful clouds than the color.

Pulling into the Ann Arbor station, I again got a sense of sadness over the day's "goodbyes". But I say "Fare Thee Well, dear friends- until we meet again!"

The adventures in life are wonderful! But to share them first hand with a best friend enhances the experiences ten fold! New adventures await me! And some of them I hope to share with Gail! And YOU, my dear readers! Thank you for following along!

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