Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Mother Nature Is Showing Off!

With the approach of Fall, Mother Nature seems to be taking the opportunity to show the best of her skills! My garden has become a lush of color, overflowing pots, and blooms galore! There may be a scientific reason for this, but every September seems to suddenly flow with Mother Nature's "Best"!

The last of the "Shasta Daisy" blooms

Though the "Rose of Sharon" bush is loosing many of her blooms, many remain, making the bee's, butterflies, and humming birds happy!

Though my roses struggled this year, I suddenly have beautiful blooms!
 My dear friend Kalyani, who lives in Canton, Michigan has also had wonderful blooms! Here is a view of here patio garden!

I guess it's obvious that I love gardening! Though I'm thought to possess a "green thumb", I certainly can't  take much credit! Yes, I talk to and encourage my garden, even humming or singing (probably a bit off-key) on occasion. This habit my grown sons have tongue in cheek called my "old hippie" moments. ( Nope, I was never a hippie, but I can't convince them of that!) Ha! Oh well!

 Mother Nature is wonderful! The variety of colors of flowers and plants- breath-taking!! And the honey bees and butterflies, as well as the humming birds that daily flit through my garden, all seem joyful to find such abundance!

I'm happy just to be Mother Nature's handyman (woman), watering here, deadheading there, trimming back where needed, and simply enjoying being a part of it all!

My neighbor had a "Rose of Sharon" bush that was damaged in a storm last year. The poor thing died.  But being a nature lover and creative soul, she kept it  in the ground, and turned it into a Bird Sanctuary! Oh, how I have enjoyed watching her birds from my patio! (She says she enjoys seeing my flowers, so I guess we're a blessing to each other!) A win/win! I like that!

All sorts of birds visit here to eat and bath- even the humming birds visit often!
Look closely! You can see a pair of beautiful birds happily eating thistle from the hanging bag!

And last, but not least, my hanging garden sign that says it all! Life is not only an adventure, but is full of beauty, if only we take a moment to see it!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Looking at these georgeous photographs is almost as pretty as looking out the window to see the gift of flowers you have created next door in person. Thanks for a painting outside my window this summer, Your Neighbor with the bird sanctuary

Marcy said...

Thank you! Your bird sanctuary has been such a joy! I wish I could have gotten pictures of the little critters that also visit your place- but they are very camera shy!I think Mother Nature has blessed us both this year!!