Friday, September 21, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- CIAO, AMICI!!

Most of you folks have probably figured out by now that I consider food to be an integral part of any adventure, experience, and a wonderful addition to any companionship!

This week I received a call from a dear friend, who's like another son to me! His name is Mikee. He's a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. He divides his time between SanFrancisco (where he resides),  Michigan (to work his flights), and Germany (where he grew up)! So we have to do some careful planning in order to get together!

Normally we meet in Canton, Mi. but since he had never been to Brighton, we decided to meet there! We decided on meeting at an Italian restaurant in the heart of Brighton. "Ciao Amici's" is right on main street, centrally located for a bit of exploring after dinner! Both Mikee and I were happy to find out that this is a family owned restaurant, which we personally prefer over the chain restaurants!

A loose interpretation of "Ciao Amici"(pronounced CHOW-A-ME-CHEE)  is" HELLO, FRIEND"! Perfect for this situation!

I had made reservations and requested a booth for a bit of extra privacy. It's been about three months since our last visit together, and we had much to catch up on!

I was greeted warmly by the hostess and seated immediately, with Mikee arriving shortly after. Our waitstaff was a young man named Mark and his trainee, Alaina.

I started out with cappuccino while I looked at the menu. My goodness! How to choose?! Though I love veal, I rarely eat it. We asked Mark if he suggested it, and yes, highly recommended!

We started with a salad for Mikee- with the house vinaigrette dressing- which he said was wonderful. I decided to try their cream of cauliflower soup. All I can say is "YUMMY"! Wonderful! And their home-made bread is to die for!
I can't remember what wine Mikee chose, a white wine- and recommended to me was a California red ZIN, "Wind Mill" label. So far so good! Mark and Alaina were gracious, the food and drink were right on time- yet we had enough of a pause in the service here and there for us to have a great chat!

The main course was "Veal Piccata" for me. It was just as Mark said- fantastic!

Mikee decided to try there "Veal Gorgonzola". Equally yummy!

Both were served with a seasoned mash potato and steamed green beans.

We were absolutely stuffed and satisfied! My! But ...then Mark brought over the dessert tray! (Oh- tempt me not, kind Sir!!) Mikee and I sighed! No room in our tummy's!

But then Mark suggested a "Creme Bra lee". O.k.- one, with two spoons, a cappuccino with Baileys for Mikee, a regular Cappuccino for me.

                                               A view of the dinning room and bar area

What can I say! We waddled out of that fine establishment, with full tummy's and memories of a wonderful culinary experience!

Thank you "Ciao Amici's"! And THANK YOU Mark! Superb service! And thank you Alaina for assisting! I think you'll do great! You obviously have a wonderful role model in Mark!

Once back outside, we noticed a fruit and vegetable stand with loads of pumpkins on the shelves. The sign says it all!

We decided to walk across Main Street and stroll the Duck Pond Bridge that criss- crosses the pond. Mikee was impressed with how quaint and pretty Brighton is! With the pond, the bridge walk, the trees and flowers, and all the people- young and old enjoying the evening, it was a perfect end to a wonderful visit!

I know that on our next meeting Mikee will want to again visit this area, eat at Ciao Amici's, and wander downtown Brighton, and be willing to explore some more of the local fare!

For my part, I loved spending time in this lovely city and sharing it all with my friend!

Life is an adventure, and nothing enhances an adventure like wonderful food, fine wine, great service, and fantastic company!!


Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

Marcy Padrta said...

Thank you! Glad you're following along!