Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Water, Sky, And Parks!

One of my favorite spots in Livingston County is the Kensington Metro Park. Everywhere you look, wherever you point the camera, beauty abounds! Beaches, a water park, picnic areas everywhere, a farm, nature center, boat docks, and much more- all available year round! So- I'll just share a bit of the scenery with you!

Kensington's "Island Queen" tour boat

Nature trails at Kensington are not for the weak hearted!

I'm told that these little Islands are a great spot for fishing! Can you see the fisherman here?

Nature preserve area

Slides at the water park

The spray and Play area

The "Island Queen" returns

And elsewhere-

In town Brighton

Outskirts of Brighton

Resident's pool in Hartland

Hamburg, Michigan

Greenfield Village- Dearborn, Mi.

Playground in Howell


And last, but not least, a different view!

I will always leap at the chance to take to the sky! (A perfect day at Hyne Field in Brighton)

The late afternoon sun casts our shadow!

Evening approaches

Someone takes to the sky for their moment of sheer freedom!

And the moon shines through the clouds, ending another day!

Thank you folks, for going on a tour with me of my little slice of Summer Heaven!

Tomorrow I'm off to yet another adventure! My guest blogger, Evan will be with me as we take a little train trip from Ann Arbor to Kalamazoo- to visit the Kalamazoo Valley Museum! We'll be spending the night at a castle! So watch for that blog on Friday!

Until then, remember that life is an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!


destinationcbn said...

Some beautiful photos of the Park, Marcy!

Marcy Padrta said...

Thank You! Mother Nature is a wonderful "model" for the camera!!