Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Part 2- Through The Eyes Of A Child!

This is the second in a series of two blogs written by my guest blogger, my 9 year old Grandson, Evan. Yesterday he posted a blog about our  "Ann Arbor Hands On Museum" adventure. This second part is his view of our overnight adventure at the Holiday Inn off of Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor.

From Evan:   One of the neat things about this adventure is the chance to stay at the Holiday Inn, get room service, eat and watch t.v. while sitting on the bed, and- of course, the swimming pool!

We left the Hands On Museum just as they closed- at 8 p.m. We sort of took the back roads, through North Campus to get to the hotel. As we were driving I saw three deer, right by the road! All three were doe's! Nonna (Grandma) Marcy found a place to turn around so we could get a better look at them- and maybe take their picture. Nonna handed me the camera. Try as I might, I just couldn't get all three in the picture together! Seeing them, after such a fun day, was so cool! We didn't expect to see deer right near the campus!

We checked into the hotel. Everyone there was really nice to us! We decided we were too tired to sit in a restaurant. I like room service, where you can eat, sit on the bed, and watch t.v. if you want! 

Our room was nice, even had a little balcony! It had two beds, with a choice of soft or firm pillows! 

Nonna Marcy called for room service. We ordered chicken wings, nachos, and "chicken licken fingers". ( That's what they called them on the menu.) It took a bit longer than expected- or maybe it just seemed that way-, because we were so hungry!

But then a man knocked on the door and brought in a big tray with our food! We ordered too much! By the time we got done with our chicken we couldn't finish the nachos. Oh well- it was fun being served in our room anyway. 

I can figure out the t.v. channels better than Nonna Marcy, so she let me have the controller! We watched t.v. while we ate!

I think Nonna Marcy wanted to go to sleep, but we hadn't been to the pool yet! (Since this was my "Birthday Trip"  she let me decide what we were going to do. ) I use to be sort of afraid of the water, but now I can swim. I like having goggles and a snorkel, but only had goggles with me this time.

The pool was great! You could swim from inside to the outside! I didn't go to the outside part of the pool, because it was deeper than I felt comfortable with. I got a bit cold, so warmed up in the hot tub. The problem with going to the hot tub is when you go back to the pool, it feels really cold! Nonna Marcy said it wasn't good for me to stay in the hot tub too long, so she sort of timed me. That's o.k., I was ready to get out anyway.

Back in our room I took a quick shower, then turned on the t.v. Nonna Marcy was asleep before me. (I think I wore her out!) She woke up in the middle of the night and the t.v. was still on. I don't remember falling asleep! I guess I wore myself out too!

The next morning Marcy got up long before me. She woke me up and told me we needed to get down to the restaurant before too long, or we'd miss their breakfast buffet. I sure was sleepy, but didn't want to miss out on the choice of food! So, down to the restaurant we went.

 It was so cool! The best part was all the choices! They had a choice of a bunch of different cold cereals, some hot cereal, eggs, meats, potatoes, waffles, and lots of fresh fruit!

They had my favorite cereal there! Honey Nut Cheerios! They had these little boxes of cereal- just enough for a bowl! I ended up eating two cereals, waffles, and a lot of fruit! Oh- and orange juice to drink.

I decided I wanted a last minute swim. So back to the pool we went.

Nonna Marcy went into the pool with me, but only went wading. She said it was a bit too cold. (I joked with her, called her a wimp!) It was raining really hard outside, so there were no swimmers in that part of the pool.

We both enjoyed the hot tub, though!

We checked out at 11 a.m. and drove into Canton.  There's  "Alexis family restaurant"  on the corner of Lilly and Ford road that has good food. We decided to go there for a lunch snack.

I was SO tired! I really wanted to go to sleep while we waited for our food. But instead I built a wall with Smucker's Jam containers-- then destroyed it- over, and over, and over, and....well, you get the idea.

The little container sitting off to the right was the one that I used to destroy the wall!!

When the food came I think Nonna Marcy let out a sigh of relief! I again had chicken strips. (I guess it's one of my favorite meals!) Nonna had lemon rice soup. All was very good. As soon as we got into the car, I started to fall asleep! I was tired, but happy!

I used Nonna's robe as a pillow and to snuggle with!

All in all, it was an excellent birthday present!

At the end of this month Nonna and I are taking a train trip to Kalamazoo! We'll be going to the "Children's Hands On Museum" there, and again staying at a hotel! I can't wait! Nonna and I have been talking about doing this for a LONG time! And it's finally going to happen! Nonna says she wants us to go before school starts! Yes! Hopefully Nonna Marcy will let me write- or help write the blog for that trip too!

Until then!!

A note from "Nonna" Marcy:  Evan is a delight to travel with. Even though he has done a lot of traveling in his short 9 years, he never seems to tire of the wonderful "little" things in life! Many of the things we take for granted, or no longer get excited about are a pure delight for him! (Like seeing the deer on our way to the hotel!) Having the capacity to see the beauty and fun in everyday things could make him a great writer some day! Who knows!

Remember, life is a wonderful adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!


eMoTer said...

Love this Evan <3. Marcy, you are an awesome Nona. The train ride to Kalamazoo sounds like another Amazing Adventure.

Marcy said...

Thank you, Mo!! We are so excited about that future trip! It will happen next week, so stay tuned!! :)

eMoTer said...

I love riding the train <3. I used to ride the AM TRACK from Holland to Chicago to meet my sister Downtown at the Art Museum. We would then take the CTA to Elgin or Big Bear and drive to Sleepy Hollow. It's nice to be able to take the time to enjoy the scenery and not worry about losing your way. Mom and Dad used to take the train all the way to Arizona. After Dad had passed, Mom and a friend came out to visit me. They said they had a great time and the conductor took very good care of them. My sister and Mom came out on the train and we picked them up in Flagstaff. Everybody loves the train when they have the time to enjoy the ride <3.