Monday, August 20, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- The Beauty Of Summer!!

For those of us who live in Michigan, it's a time of lush green, warm temperatures-( but rarely over 95 degrees), and flowers galore! With all the lakes in this state, as well as parks, rolling hills, and timber, it's just a little slice of heaven!

Interesting use of an old ladder

Tree lined road at Kensington Metro Park

                  Swans and ducks, along with sand cranes abound in Michigan's Kensington Park!

The first time I really took notice of the sand crane's call (as they came in for a landing), it almost made me think of Jurassic Park! Very primitive! They seem to wander, unafraid, through parks, subdivisions, and anywhere there's a body of water!

Northville has the Rouge River running through the town. Their Millrace Park and Historic village has many spots for solitude and soaking in the beauty. The gazebo there has hosted many a wedding ceremony!

Sitting area by the Huron River in Hamburg, Mi.

At Holland, Michigan

 Howell, Mi.  Library

Brighton, Mi. has lovely park like areas, right in town!

What's spring and Summer without some gardening fun?!

Rose of Sharon

My Petunia's flourished this year!

We did have a dry spell here, though not as bad as many in this country! We were beginning to see wildlife grazing earlier in the evening, perhaps due to drier grasses.

My grandson captured this moment in the early evening on campus in Ann Arbor!

When we finally got a bit of rain, the sky gave us the "hint" of a rainbow!

Well, dear reader- if you can stand just a bit more beauty, tomorrow will be "Water, Sky, And Kensington Park"! Until then!!

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