Monday, July 9, 2012

My Inward Journey!


 For several years now I have been putting off a major project. I've acquired, through the years, an unbelievable amount of memorabilia and paper work!

There is, of course, my 66 years worth of memories, which include every scrap of school paper and art work my two sons produced as they grew up.

Then there's the reams  of pictures, World War II memorabilia, and every other thing that my 97 year old step-father left me to sort through. People in my family don't throw out anything! (I found cancelled checks from the 1960's!)

My beloved Aunt Dori lived to be 90 years old, and yes- I have lots of her stuff also.

Then there's my mother's Italian and French relative's pictures from the 1920's- none that I even recognize.

And let's not forget my father's Bohemian genealogy! OY VEY!!

So, with a great trepidation I dove in.-- Alright, "dove" is an exaggeration! I "dragged" myself to the lower level, tempted to chain myself to the treadmill until I got "something" done.

I've been blessed (or cursed) with a long memory- one that goes back to when I was two or three. I've been amazed, and rather shocked at how vivid some of those early childhood memories are! In sorting through some of these old photos, I was walking back in time.

I got quite a chuckle looking at my modeling pictures. Wow, how the high fashion look has changed!

The "High Fashion" look of the late 1960's!

I sorted through 39 years of my flight Attendant career. I got a bit weepy reading all my wonderful passenger compliment letters,

Not all those memories are great. Which one of us doesn't have loss, disappointment, sorrow, or pain? But along with that- I have moments of shear joy, great humor, happiness, and accomplishment.

Though this "inward journey" is far from over, a few inner demons have been faced and forgotten, humorous moments  remembered.

And something else. I spent a great deal of my life working to "accomplish", only to then go on to the next project or task. I didn't realize until I looked at the accumulation of memories that I really have accomplish more than I originally set out to do! I gained a bit of pride at the little girl from Iowa who couldn't afford to go to college and left home with $50 in her pocket - who forged ahead anyway and actually exceeded her goals!

So this journey has been a long one. I'm still sort of buried in pictures and memorabilia. But I no longer look at this daunting task with trepidation. Little by little it will get done. And I'll give myself permission to sit and remember- laugh and cry- and yes, give in to a moment or two of nostalgia. 

But I promise I won't disappear into the lower level for months again. And if I suddenly post a picture of my three year old self- please forgive me- and have a chuckle at this somewhat aged writer who gets a moment or two of nostalgia! 

Ha!  Oh well- we might as well get it over with!

For all of you who wondered where I disappeared to- you now have the answer. I've missed sharing my traveling and exploring adventures, and am looking forward to posting away as I again take to the road, the air, and maybe even the rails! Until next time- remember that life is an extraordinary adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!

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Deanne said...

What a wonderful blog. Sounds like such an amazing, adventure-filled life and we are happy to now be a part of it. xoxo