Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Lawson & Lawson Gala Event!!

A while back I received an invitation to a special "Appreciation and Celebration" event. The law firm of "Lawson and Lawson" was putting on this event. It was to be a dressy affair, something that I personally love.

We have all been to events where no one knew anyone else, the food was mediocre, and the guest speaker droned on and on. So, I wasn't sure what to expect, but accepted the invitation.

What followed was an evening of wonderful food, a mix of delightful people, great service, and the warm and welcoming atmosphere by the Lawson clan! They certainly know how to put on a party!

This was a celebration of 35 years of practice for Mr. William Lawson, as well as a  celebration of the formation of "Lawson & Lawson PLC". To add to that, the Lawson firm was also putting on this event in appreciation of their clients.

The event was held at the "Fox Hills Country Club" in Plymouth, Michigan. The Club sits in a spacious park like setting. Well laid out and beautifully decorated, it certainly was up to housing this event!

Looking out the window of the event room at the lovely gazebo.

Entering the room where the celebration was held, the guests were warmly greeted by Willy Lawson, wife of the senior member of the firm. She greeted each guest with warmth and great hospitality.

Mrs. Lawson and her fantastic smile.

While the guests arrived, there was a mingling and chatting that felt more like a family gathering, and less like strangers meeting for the first time. There was a table laden with all sorts of cheeses, fruit, and veggie snacks.


Needless to say, it was a popular gathering place,
along with the bar. Everyone chatted and joked about who was eating "all" of what, and "Hey! Leave some for us old folks!" Lots of good humor and laughter! Fun!

Once we all settled into our seats, a young man (who's name escaped me) did the welcoming and introductions. He was this evening's MC.

Our meal was served. Salad, Chicken Picatta, and all the trimmings! Since I do make a mean Chicken Picatta (now I'm bragging) I was interested to see if theirs measured up. I was pleasantly surprised! Though a bit different version, it was delicious!! All was served to this large crowd by a wonderful, efficient, and friendly wait staff! Hats off to the chef! Great food!

As you can tell by these pictures, this was no small crowd!

"Thank You" to the wonderful wait staff at the "Fox Hills Country Club"!

After our meal, Mr. Lawson spoke. He spoke of the privilege of representing such wonderful people for 35 years! Gracious and down to earth, his speech was short, but heartfelt.

Standing around 6 foot- 7 inches, Mr. Lawson could be described as a gentle giant! (But don't tell him I said that! Ha!)

With great pride he then introduced his new partner, his daughter, Mia Lawson.

(Now, I have personal knowledge that he has every reason to be proud. Mia gave birth to her daughter while in her last semester of law school, not only graduated, but went on to pass her Bar Exam on the first try, and with flying colors!)

Ms. Lawson also gave a short speech, speaking of the honor and privilege to share this career with her father. She then introduced her family, and possibly the next generation of "Lawson & Lawson".

Mia and Steven, with their children- Evan and Payton

Mia's son Evan wanted to come dressed like "James Bond"!  I thought he was adorable!

Next came the evening's speaker,  Mr.Paul Durso, who talked about how to invest in this economy. The talk was short, yet informative.

After Mr. Durso's talk, we had a time of mingling. Everyone seemed to be having such a good time!

One of the guests giving a "toast" to the Lawson's

Willy Lawson (right) with her sister Monica from Tuscon

Mr. Lawson with guests

A Father and Daughter moment

Sharing a moment of laughter!

Mia with her beloved Aunt Mo.

The ever humorous Steven, joking with the guests.

Next came the drawing of names for prizes! Of course, the kibitz and joking was hysterical, as a name was called- and others would make comments.

Mia and her son James Bond (Evan) drew names for the prizes.

Last but not least came the dancing. The musicians were part of "Brother's Righteous Band". Though there were only two for this evening, the music was very good!

Once the first couple got on the dance floor, it wasn't long before they were joined by many others. I even got a dance with Evan, the evening's James Bond!!

Steven, with children Payton and Evan- all so proud of Mia!

All in all, a wonderful and fun evening! I hear "Lawson & Lawson" may be making this an annual event! If so, I'll be looking forward to next year! Thank you, Bill, Willy, and Mia- it was a WONDERFUL event!

In all the adventures in life, the adventure of interacting and enjoying the company of others is one of my favorite! I call it an adventure, for you never know who you'll meet, nor what you may learn. Add laughter and good food to the mix, and it makes for a wonderful adventure!

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