Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Travel Blog- "Outback" in Canton- Now THEY Know Customer Service!!

My son David, his girlfriend Jill, and I decided to meet for dinner this week! This is always a special occasion for me. David lives in Ann Arbor, I live in Pinckney, so we often meet half way in Canton.

David has major food allergies! Everything from citrus, garlic, fruits, and many seasonings, so "eating out" is always a challenge. On this occasion we met in Canton, on Ford Road, at the "Outback Steakhouse" Restaurant.

I entered the restaurant first, and wanted to check if they were "allergy friendly"!  (There are restaurants that have refused to serve David, once they learned of his vast food allergy list. To their credit, they were honest about the possibility of cross contamination, so it actually was helpful.)  As I broached this subject with the hostess, the manager was near by, and addressed the issue. His name is Ryan Lockmondy. He assured me that if they're informed of a food allergy, they prepare separately, and make sure that the eating experience is pleasant for everyone.

We arrived shortly after 4:00 p.m., so were seated immediately. Our server's name was Kassie Kowtko.  Professional and warm, she seemed unabashed with David's list of "No's". I can not stress enough our wonderful experience. When David's salad came, she informed him special gloves were used to prepare it. He ordered a small steak and shrimp, which they prepared separately, to avoid any seasonings that may be used on the other foods. I had prime rib, baked potato, and grilled asparagus, and Jill had a large salad and a steak. She and I also indulged in a blooming onion--(just this once, since the calories in it equal twice our meals!)  All was simply delicious and served with a gracious attitude!

Toward the end of our meal, Mr. Lockmondy (the Manager) came to our table, checking to see if everything was to our satisfactory! We couldn't rave enough- about the food, the food preparation, and especially the service! What a wonderful evening! For David and Jill, the experience was especially appreciated, since every detail was carefully prepared. I have no doubt that they will be seeing us again!

It's clear that not all "Outbacks" are created/function equally. So even if it's a bit of a drive, the awaiting experience is well worth the effort. And once there, ask to say hello to the Manager, Mr. Ryan Lockmondy. Tell him Marcy (from the Flight Nun Blog)  recommended his establishment! And for that superior service,  be sure to ask for Kassie!

Bon  Appetit!

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