Monday, March 19, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Spring Has Sprung! Hudson Mills! (Before And After!)

Spring in Michigan has come early this year! With temperatures in the 70's, the outdoors beckons one to go out and play! Of course, along with warmer temperatures, storms show another side of Mother Nature, an awesome and sometimes destructive power.

Michiganders are blessed with many State and Metro Parks. Nature trails, rivers, lakes, and wide open spaces abound here. Hudson Mills Metro Park is located off of North Territorial Road, just east  of Dexter-Pinckney Road. My roommate Diana, her Pug (Sir Dudley) and I had a wonderful afternoon there last week.

Remains of the old mill that once was here.

The day after we were there a tornado struck the area. Many homes in the area were damaged or totally destroyed! While we were wondering what havoc that  storm reeked on the park, we didn't want to rush there immediately. We had heard that emergency vehicles were still  in the area and some roads were closed.

A few days later we revisited the park. We were told that the park received very little damage, though the golf course sustained a lot.

This is a wonderful park that's located by the Huron River. What we did see in the aftermath of the storm was a rise in water levels. Below is some before and after photos.

The river was already swollen from the spring rains

After the tornado

A view of the bridge area before the storm- a bit of ground water is on the far left

Saturated ground after

Diana and I speculated that Sir Dudley Pug's concern was if all the trees were still here to mark! He wasn't disappointed. The trees withstood the impact of the storm.

For all who love nature trails, canoeing, golf, and disc golf, this is a little slice of paradise. The second time we were there, people were having picnics,  jogging or walking, and many canoes were in the now swollen river.

Nature trail

I was totally ignorant on the subject of "Disc" golf.

Knowing nothing about it, I asked at the park office and rec center. I was told it's a very popular sport, using discs on the course, with similar sets of rules as golf. When I mentioned that the discs looked like frisbees, I was advised not to call them that, it's not appreciated by most players. (I still think they look like frisbees! Ha!)

A quick note on the recreation center there. I noticed tables set up and asked if they were preparing for a party. Evidently a pancake breakfast is served each Saturday morning in March, honoring the rising of the sap and the making of Maple syrup.

All set up for a pancake breakfast- with maple syrup, of course!

Back outside I it was hard to imagine the storm just a few days before! We sat on a bench and enjoyed this beautiful spring! To have this weather in March is truly amazing!

If you visit this park, be sure to go into Dexter to the A&W drive in! The chili dogs, fries, and root beer are all part of the drive-in experience! (One that I remember from my childhood!)

I actually was a "car-hop" one summer, so this brings back memories!

This is a wonderful Spring- full of warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine! More storms are bound to come. It's part of Spring in Michigan. Stay safe, everyone. Mother Nature is not to be taken for granted!

And for those who live in this state-when the weather permits, get outside and enjoy those wonderful State and Metro Parks!  Enjoy!!

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