Sunday, March 4, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Nature! Pool time! Monk Seals and Sunsets!

The state flower, the Hibiscus.

This vacation has been all about "Mother Nature"- peppered with cut-throat games of Sequence, of course. I am chagrinned to report- I have been soundly beaten! I have lost the "Sequence Championship Hat" to Ron!! We started a new championship, whoever winning 10 games first is the champion. I won ONE! Ron won TEN! How is this possible!!?? My Sequence angel must've been by the pool! Nursing my wounded pride, I decided joining her at the pool was an excellent idea!

This complex is huge, so they have two pools here.

Each has a children's wading pool.

This one has a tennis court.

Each pool also has a grilling area and well as a sheltered picnic area, a perfect spot to go for those quick rain showers!

These hedges with their colorful leaves are everywhere- and so pretty!

I love how so many trees here are like an umbrella canopy of green shade!

Ron has a huge avocado tree right off of his balcony!

On to the beach, where "strong current" warnings were posted everywhere.

Another Monk Seal was asleep on the beach

The life guards had roped off an area around the seal and posted signs/

After a while, this seal rolled over and made a little mound of sand around it's head. Pictured below-A bit later, it rolled over and scratched it's belly, giving out a deep and seemingly satisfying sigh!

Earlier, a monk seal came up on shore

It took a look at a dog and owner walking by, thought better of it, and rolled back into the tide.

In spite of the strong current, these grey haired gentlemen were riding the waves!

The sunsets over the ocean are beautiful, but lacking the pink color from last year- perhaps due to the rain we've had this week.

In this nature lover's paradise, the weather, the water, the plants and trees, the mountains, and the sunsets all blend together for a beautiful experience! As another day draws to a close, I look forward to waking tomorrow to the call of the peacocks and roosters and the cooing songs of the morning doves! And I'll count my blessings to be in this place, even for just a lttle while!

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