Monday, March 5, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- My Last Day In Hawaii

With the sun shining and peacocks calling, I sat drinking my morning coffee- wondering how to spend my last day here. It's not for a lack of something to do! Rather, choosing is the difficult part. I think I'd still have this problem if I had been here for a month! I miss my family and friends back on the mainland. But I will miss this too! I feel so fortunate that I have had the chance to experience, once again, the beauty and friendship here in the Makaha Valley. I'm truly blessed!

I spent the morning wandering the vast condo complex here, once more enjoying the flowers, the pool, and the multitude of wild life.

I totally humiliated myself getting the above picture. I was never able to get the peacocks to spread their tail feathers into a fan. So- ya. I chased this one, yelling at him- "Show me your colors, you foul thing, you!" I heard peels of laughter come from the area where the grounds keepers were working. I laughed too- but realized that I probably came across as a true "crazy lady"! (Note to self: If you chase a peacock, yelling as you go, they will run!) As you see, I only got his tail as he raced past! At least you can see his pretty colors!

Flowering tree near Ron's balcony

Ron invited me to do a bit of exploring on the far west coast, Kaneana Point and beach, not far from his complex. With the mountains on our right and the ocean to our left, we drove until the pavement ended.

We then hiked the rather rough terrain for quite a ways.

Getting ready for the hike.

The views were spectacular! At every turn, beauty greeted us. Where ever one pointed the camera -at the ocean or the mountains, a great picture was right there!

Looking back toward the Makaha Valley

Asked this man what was biting, but he said there was no luck so far this day.

In many places along this stretch, the ocean has carved little coves in the rocky shoreline.

We walked back to the Kaneana Beach, where I put my feet in the ocean one more time.

We drove home, past the majestic mountains and beautiful valley.

It's interesting that there are so many areas of beautiful white sandy beaches followed by rocky volcanic areas. It does make for a fantastic contrast of texture and color.

Back at the condo I did redeem myself at our Sequence game, winning a few, though not ever having the point spread that Ron had. (I'm beginning to regret teaching him this game!)

As I prepared to leave, Ron and I talked about my next visit. We decided to do some of the more "touristy" things next time. I was grateful, however, for this time of nature and solitude. Sometimes the soul just needs a bit of "down" time.

My journey back home was about to begin. I turned my mind homeward, toward my loved ones and friends. It was time to reconnect.

A special "THANK YOU" to my dear friend and host, Ron Lindsay (who's camera shy). for another great  visit! My time here was wonderful. The friendship and laughter was renewing, my heart is full!

And so a new adventure begins! I'm homeward bound!

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Fabulous photos and post, Marcy.