Thursday, March 22, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Livingston County diamond! Tomato Bros.!

Once in a while my daughter-in-law Mia and I are able to grab some time together. A "Girls Night Out" is just what the doctor ordered! On this occasion, Mia suggested "Tomato Bros." in Howell, Michigan. Noted for the best ribs in town, great Greek salads, and wonderful bread sticks, I was looking forward to an evening of culinary delights!

When we arrived, we were told there was a 15-20 minute wait. We decided a glass of wine at the bar was a good way to go. As we sat sipping and chatting, it dawned on me anew how these little extra connections with loved ones so enhance ones life. Chatting and laughing was the venue for the evening.

We hadn't finished our wine when we were called for our table. We were seated in a booth (my favorite restaurant seating) and were joined shortly by Penny, our server for the evening. The restaurant was busy, busy- so I inwardly wondered if we were going to have a long wait on the food. (Note to self: perhaps a quick snack is a good idea before heading to a restaurant on a weekend)  However, no snack was necessary this particular evening. We ordered an appetizer.  Mia thought the Calamari sounded good. I wasn't sure. I've had calamari that wasn't so great- so I was a bit apprehensive. Penny assured me that this was a wonderful dish. She was right! The appetizer came, large strips of calamari swimming in sauteed vegetables. Not only were these tender, the combination was wonderful!

As busy as Penny was, we never felt neglected. She checked back to see how we liked the calamari, took our order, and was off like a shot! Soon she returned with our salads and bread sticks. Mia had told me about the Greek salads here, and she didn't exaggerate! Wonderful! (We laughed as we exchanged different veggies off our plates. I give her my tomato- and she gives me her beets! Perfect!)

We weren't in the mood for ribs. Instead, I ordered the tenderloin beef tips, a chef's special, and Mia ordered a special for the evening, beef ravioli. Again I was a bit skeptical of Mia's order. A Greek restaurant cooking Italian food? Hmm.

Penny presented our entrees- they looked fabulous! Mia announced her ravioli delicious, as I did my tenderloin tips. Mine was served swimming in sauteed vegetables over rice, and cooked just the way I like them! The beef tips were tender and wonderfully seasoned! Mia told me her beef ravioli was wonderful, with a combination of ravioli, mushrooms, Italian sausage lining the bottom of her dish, meat sauce,and topped with mozzarella! Yum!

Penny was wonderful, very gracious and efficient! Mia was right. This was a restaurant worth it's reputation! We spoke with one of the owners, Mr. Ken Nevells, and shared our delight over the wonderful food and service!

We wound up the evening there by looking at the dessert tray. Wonderful chocolate everything was on the tray, but we were in the mood for something a bit lighter, so declined dessert. We did thank Penny for her wonderful service! And, of course, our compliments to the chef!

As we wandered a bit, not wanting the evening to end yet, we decided to get dessert at T.W & Friends. Once there we connected with Sean, our server from our previous visit there. I ordered coffee and a spumoni  ice cream pie. Mia ordered cannoli and a chocolate martini. What a perfect finale for a wonderful evening! I believe we closed the restaurant!

I am continually reminded  how great companionship and great food enhance each other! It was a wonderful evening! Thank you Penny, Tomato Bros., T.W.& Friends, and the staff there, for helping to make our girls night out truly memorable!

Tomato Bros. is located on Grand River Ave., west of Howell, Michigan. T.W. & Friends is located on Grand River Ave., east of Howell. Both are well worth the visit!

And a special "Thank You" to Mia! If laughter and friendship equals good medicine, we are going to live for a LONG time!! Smiles to all!

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