Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Homecoming and T.W. & Friends!

The day after I arrived from Honolulu I woke refreshed and ready to reconnect with family. My daughter-in-law suggested that I meet her and my two grandchildren at "T.W. & Friends" for dinner. Located on Grand River Ave. in Howell, Michigan, the restaurant advertises an Italian menu. That sounded like an excellent idea! (Oh- how I love Italian food!)

Our server's name was Sean, and my, did he have is hands full! I counted five tables plus a large party in a private room- all in his serving area. I wondered if the service was going to be a might bit slow, but didn't need to worry. Sean did an excellent job taking care of us.

Our first order, besides the beverages, was the artichoke dip appitizer. My grandchildren are 3 and 8 years old, but have enjoyed a variety of foods, so this was something for them to enjoy too! We were not disappointed. Served with chips as well as warm bread, we thoroughly enjoyed it. The one appitizer for two adults and two children was just the right amount.

When Sean stopped by to take our dinner orders, I mentioned I noticed how busy he was. Evidently Sundays are usually quite slow, so they were on a reduced staff. (I thought to suggest roller skates, but kept that thought to myself.) However, no matter how busy, our service was wonderful!

My daughter-in-law and I ordered Pasta with Shrimp, while the children ordered chicken fingers with fries. Everything came in a timely manner, and tasted wonderful! My grandson Evan mentioned he had seen a dessert tray at some point. We decided to take a look at that tray! This was a homecoming celebration for me, and I quieted my calorie guilt by reminding myself that no celebration was complete without dessert!

Sean came by with a large tray filled with every yummy imaginable!! I chose the "Spumoni" pie. Oh- my! The gram cracker crust was just right, the ice cream pie a wonderful treat!!

There is something to be said about sharing a good meal with family or friends. It seems to encourage conversation, a warming of spirit, and sense of communion! Whether it's a simple cup of coffee, or a gourmet meal, this type of gathering is truly my favorite.

A special "Thank You" to Sean and T.W. & Friends, for making my homecoming a wonderful, tasty event!

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