Friday, March 2, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Ah! The Sun!! Yes!!

The sun has greeted me the last few mornings! I, of course, took this to mean some beach and pool time was called for, as well as wondering this lovely side of the island. The Makaha Valley is one of my favorite spots!

I am an "out of doors" girl! Give me sunshine, the ocean, beautiful flowers, fantastic plants and trees, and a salt water pool (for when I get a bit sand weary) and I'm in heaven!!

I love to read outdoors, eat outdoors, and if I could figure out how to safely do it, I'd sleep outdoors! (Perhaps I was a Native American in a former life!)

This all being said, I will now add that pictures indeed speak more eloquently than words! The following are some of my favorites moments from the last two weeks  ! Enjoy!

The wonderful mountain range outside of Ron's front door!

The peacocks, peahens, and roosters make for quite the morning wake up!

For my winter- color starved eyes, these flowers are quite the feast!

The Makaha Valley, as viewed from the 19th floor of a high rise!

At "Ron's Beach" at the Makaha Park

Kaneana Beach To the west of Ron's Beach- this is the southwest most part of Oahu

Cave exploring!

This valley is so beautiful!

This was taken at the North Shore

This will give you an idea of the size of the boulders on the far west side of North Shore

As the sun sets over my final days here, my eyes want desperately to take it all in, to feel the majestic quality of the mountains and ocean. I know this place will continue to call me back. And tomorrow I'll absorb again all the beauty, all the fresh ocean air, and all the experiences that I can! So, until then, PEACE to all!

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