Monday, February 27, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Overcast Skies Call For A Change Of Plans!

The original plan was to spend some time on the beach. However, an overcast sky and dark clouds made for a change of plans!

Disney has built a hotel resort on Oahu, so we thought it would be fun to see what it was all about.

My expectations were Disney characters, Disney wall hangings, and Disney statues- everywhere.

What we found instead was a very Hawaiian decor, with none of the usual Disney character photos and statues on display. I saw a total of two Disney "characters"- (one being Stitch from the film, "Lilo and Stitch) and Mickey Mouse- greeting the guests, but that was it.

The resort hotel was amazing. The decor was beautifully done. The center courtyard was a serious water park, with a mountain water slide, and a river to float in! (Looked like fun to me!) They also had a snorkeling area where you could swim with the fish.

Man made lava rock with shells

The floating river

The mountain in the background is a water slide, leading to the floating river.

Mickey, mingling!

Drums and instruments  for the "Hawaiian band:, was our best guess.

Water play structure just for little folk! My granddaughter would LOVE this!

From what I could tell, this was perfectly suited for a family. I was told that the rooms are very pricey, as are the restaurants there. I would think that checking for special deals and packages would be a good idea.

We grabbed sandwiches and headed back for home. Ron and I have a "long term" Sequence competition going on. He had saved our scores from last year, and picked up where we left off. I've been between 10 to 12 "win's" ahead since I arrived. I'm struggling to keep the lead, with lots of friendly banter and red licorice to go along.

As we played away, lightening flashed, and after a while the thunder rolled. Still no rain, but perhaps the beach time will be delayed for a day or two!

As I type away, I'm happy to report in spite of the fact that I'm still the Sequence Champ, Ron is still speaking to me! Who knows! Perhaps he'll grab the title before I leave!!

So, until tomorrow! If we don't have blue skies tomorrow, we'll still find adventure somewhere!

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