Saturday, February 25, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- One Never Knows What's Around The Corner!

Today proved a combination of some wonderful majestic scenery, and some unexpected events!

I started out with my morning walk, enjoying the flowers and plants as I went.

I was met at every turn by peacocks and peahens, who were busy foraging for breakfast, and paid me no mind.

Ron thought this would be a good day to head for the North Shore, and the town of Waialua. (Pronounced Holly-eva) This area is about 4 miles from us- as the crow flies. But the Waianae Mountain Range (Pronounced Why-en-eye) lie between us, so it's a 36 mile drive to get around and through them.

We drove through the Makaha Valley, noting golf courses (which are everywhere here), and the beautiful shore line.

Up north we went, with the mountains and valleys greeting our every turn.

Once in Waialua, our first stop was a restaurant called "Cholos Mexican Home Style". My favorite is taco salad, so I ordered that.

 Our server was Evan, who was friendly and efficient. The food was excellent! Thank you, Evan, for the good service! After a quick bit of shopping for a few gifts, we headed to the coast line.

The North shore is a combination of farm and rural area, houses, and shore line. The beaches are famous here for the surfing, due to the high waves.

The farther west we drove, the more rugged and rocky the shore line became. 

The far west point of the North Shore is called Kaena Point. (Pronounced Ki-anna) There the rocky shore line has huge boulders, and I couldn't help but wonder when they had rolled down from the mountains. Any of these boulders would crush a car, for sure.

We drove back past a YMCA Youth Camp, and saw this training structure. Both Ron and I thought it would be fun to try.

We again passed by some wonderful views of the mountains and valley!

We headed back toward home. This is where the unexpected events started. Just as we were passing the Schofield Army Barracks, and about three vehicle ahead, I suddenly saw a body fly into a guard rail up ahead. I told Ron I thought a pedestrian just got hit, but wasn't sure what happened! Needless to say, all traffic stopped on this two lane road.

 Some people ran from their vehicles to get to the young man, dressed in Army fatigues, laying under the road barrier. I got out to see if they needed assistance, since I've been trained in "first response". I was told a medical student was with him, as well as two other soldiers.

The young man on the ground tried to move, and everyone said- "NO!! Don't move! Help is coming!!" I looked around for Ron. He wasn't in the car. He was across the road. He and another man had started directing traffic, trying to get enough moving so the emergency vehicles could get through. (Pop! There was another halo for Ron!)

The person who's car was infront of ours said he was on a motorcycle. I don't know if he was a passenger or a driver. I didn't see a motorcycle on the road, only lots of debris.

 First to arrive were Army Military Police. Then we heard an ambulance. It was time to get turned around and get out of the way. After the ambulance arrived, we made the turn- just in time to see two fire trucks and another ambulance appear. As we passed Schofield Army Barracks, another Army emergency vehicle came out of the compound.

We were rather quiet on the way home. My mind was on the young man, who's body seemed to smash into that guard rail like a rag doll. I really wanted to get that picture out of my mind.

Once home we had Thai food for supper. Then Ron suggested we go to the beach for the sunset.

Our sunset tonight was not as spectacular as usual. It was light golden with a bit of pink, amid an overcast sky.None the less, it was beautiful. What caught our eye was a monk seal, laying on the sand. Ron said he had never seen one on shore here before.

We were afraid it was dead. I slowly approached it- then a fin moved! Then it belched and raised it's head. Though it didn't move much- at least it was alive!! We were hoping it wasn't sick or injured. The life guards knew it was there, so I felt they would contact someone if needed.

We stayed on the beach until it was almost dark. I was hoping the ocean waves would reach it before it got dark, and we'd watch it swim away, but the tide was still several feet away when we had to leave.

I must say, my prayers are with that young soldier who was in the accident, as well as a small prayer for the seal, too!  What a day!  This day turned out to be a long one.

Tomorrow's another day. For my money, I've had enough of that sort of excitement to last for a while! Some days are just like that. You turn the corner and the unexpected happens!

 Here's for an uneventful day tomorrow!!

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