Friday, February 17, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Hawaii Dreaming- 2012!!! I'm Ready!

Sunset at my favorite beach in Oahu

I'm returning to my special paradise, thanks to a wonderful friend and host, Ron Lindsay! Even though my trip is a few days away (this coming Sunday), I AM PACKED!! Ha-ha! (Not too anxious!)

Being a former airline employee, I have what is called "pass privileges". What this means is I stand by for a flight, and if there is a seat available, I get to ride! Now, traveling to Hawaii on standby at this time of year is an adventure in itself! It's always a mystery as to what flight I'll get on and when I'll get there. One needs to be patient, adventurous, and have a sense of humor!

For those of you who enjoy "people watching". an airport- any airport, is an ideal place to see people at their best, and sometimes at their worst! I'll be sharing some of these observations with you, as well as my paradise vacation, once I arrive!

The plan is to leave Michigan on the 19th of February and return on the 28th. Of Course, there is always a temptation to simply stay on the Island of Oahu, coming back to the "main land" for an occasional visit. So far I've fought that temptation. Two sons, daughter-in-laws, and two grandchildren seem to have quite a hold on my heart strings! So, at least for now, I'll simply be a visitor.

The plan is to soak in as much sun, surf, sand, and beautiful scenery as possible. The rest is a day to day adventure. Please join me as I share what sort of mischief I  get into while there!

So, until Sunday, it's Aloha for now! (I've summoned my travel angel to keep a seat available just for me!) If she's as good as my parking lot angel, I'm in like flint!! Ha!)

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Anonymous said...

Have fun, Marcy! I'm jealous, but hopefully I'll be doing my debt free happy dance in Cinque Terra, Italy soon.

I often run into people I haven't seen in a long time in airports and I've made new friends there too! Good luck with getting on a flight though. I remember Ryan and I trying to fly back to DC on standby after one of his United Airline's pilot buddy's friends and family tickets. I think we spent about 16 hours in O'Hare after a very fun wedding the night before - LOL. Looking back, I can laugh. At the time...not so fun :-)