Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Exploring Oahu's Makaha Valley Plus Beach Time!

Well rested and ready to go, we had a light breakfast and packed for the beach! Ron insisted on me getting sunscreen to protect my Michigan skin.  A quick stop at a drug store, and we were on our way! The beach at the Makaha Park has been nicknamed (by me) as "Ron's Beach"!

Each time I visit here, we either spend some time on the beach, or rush to it from where ever we are to see the sunset. Sunsets are spectacular here. I am surprised, though,  how fast the sun sets over the ocean horizon!

We spent a lazy morning and early afternoon walking the beach or resting in Ron's beach tent. Since my skin hasn't been exposed to the sun for many a month, we cut our beach time down a bit. Better to build up to a whole day, rather than turn into a "crispy critter"!

We drove Farrington Highway, enjoying the wonderful scenery. We found what appeared to be a volcanic cave, so did a bit of exploring. It was amazing how ferns grew out of these jagged rocks. Ron noticed that water was dripping in a few spots. We didn't have high powered flash lights with us, so didn't find out how far back the opening actually went!

This beautiful drive has the ocean on our left, and mountains on our right!

The lava rock cave we found while exploring!

I'm standing with my arm in the air- gives you an idea about it's size!

We didn't see any whales today. We did see a few large sea turtles. One large one poked his head up for a breath, then dove down again. I grabbed my camera, but didn't see it surface again. Ron said they can be under water for a long time. Oh well. Better luck on another day.

Do you remember me mentioning that peacocks roam free here? I saw a beautiful one today with a long tail and brilliant color. I wish he would have fanned his tail, but no luck there. Still, he was quite beautiful!

Ron and I rounded up our day with clam sauce over pasta, salad. and several games of "Sequence". (As of right now, I'm the champion! That, however can change!)

We haven't made plans yet for tomorrow. We're going to let the winds of fancy  blow us where it may!

So until tomorrow, have a good one! Stay safe, stay warm!

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