Friday, February 10, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Craving Comfort Food For A Michigan......Winter??!!

It was just a short time ago that it  actually looked like the Michigan winter had finally arrived! ! We had snow!! One day the temperature dipped into the teens!

It was pretty- and pretty chilly!

Here it was, a little over a week later, when I took my roommate's pug (Sir Dudley) for a walk!

 The nature trail near our subdivision looked more like spring than the first full week of February!

Though the sun was shinning and the temperature hovering around 40 degrees, my roommate Diana and I were in the mood for the comfort food we usually crave mid-winter. We decided on the "Cracker Barrel" for some down home country cooking.

The sun shone bright as we arrived in Brighton for our "winter" treat. Diana laughed as I clicked pictures, saying "EVERYONE knows what a Cracker Barrel looks like!! (What can I say, I love visual reference!!)

I love the sign they have in their window entrance!

Some day I want one of their rocking chairs, but not ready for the porch rocker yet!

Yep- every collectible you can possibly imagine!

We were seated at 4:30 p.m. Our server's name was Kathryn. She was a bit rushed, but certainly pleasant enough. We were served our beverages quickly, but then sat for close to 30 minutes before getting our food. Since the food was piping hot, we realized the slow service was the error of the kitchen.

While we waited- took me three tries to win the game- Diana twisted paper!

The food was delicious! We asked our server about the "slow" kitchen. She told us there was one cook doing the job of five. With it being "Superbowl" Sunday, they expected a very slow day, but got busy anyway. As we spoke, Kathryn said both managers were in the kitchen- cooking away, in suits, ties, and hair nets! I would've loved to have gotten a picture of that, but didn't think that request would have been well received.

Certain season's seem to call for certain tastes. Soups, stews, and fried chicken with potatoes and gravy have always seemed like the perfect "winter" foods. Though we waited for our food an unusually long time, we left happy and full!

As I write this, the Michigan winter has made another visit. It looks like someone turned a huge salt shaker up side down! Fine snow is falling again! The skiers will be happy if this would last through the weekend! Here in Michigan, one never knows!

Now I need to reset my tummy clock! In just a little over a week I'll be flying to Honolulu, Hawaii! The meals of choice will be more of the warm weather fare, I'm sure! (I can almost taste the fresh pineapple!)

Ah! (Sigh!) A taste of things to come!!

Please follow along as I fly off to the land of sea, sun, and sand! I'm sure that new adventures are just around the corner!

Now pardon me while I go shopping  for my new  bikini!   (O.k.- just kidding! Perhaps at my age it should be something a bit more conservative! Ha!)

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