Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Bit Of Jet Lag Makes For A Quiet Day!

The serene Mountains near Ron's Condo

My first full day in Hawaii has been one of relaxing,  jet-lag recovery,  great food and friends!

Our day started with a brunch at the "Hammara Cafe". This place is Hawaii's answer to a "mom and pop" type cafe. The decor is non-existent, there is nothing fancy about the menu. Yet this restaurant seems to be full most of the time! The food is truly amazing. You have a choice between American, Japanese, Korean, or Hawaiian fare. The portions are huge! The wait staff is friendly, and some of the regulars are greeted by first name, and even a quick hug.

We drove to the airport to pick up my bag. It was close to an hours drive one way, but there was nothing that could be done about that. Ron remained good natured about the inconvenience.

I promised Ron that now all my parts are here! I have officially and completely arrived!!

My wardrobe has at last arrived! Hallelujah!

Once back, a little exploring of the complex was the next order of the day!

The leaves on this tree literally shimmered and shone in the sunlight!!

One of the amazing things about Hawaii is the vegetation! The flowers are plentiful and rich in color!

The trees here are amazing! Along with the Palm Tree, lush thick green seems to be everywhere!

Even though the Makaha Valley is a more airid part of the Island, what vegetation there is thrives!

Wildlife abounds too! This morning I woke to the sound of roosters crowing. Peacocks wailed their mournful call, and birds singing in reply! Ron tells me that there are times, early in the morning, when you can hear the Bill Goats in the hills!

The colors are so brilliant on this rooster!

The Bougainvillea hedges are in full bloom! It was a feast for my color starved eyes!

Ron and I were invited for dinner at his very good friends, Karen and Gary. The menu was pulled pork, baked beans, ciabatta bread, and vinaigrette coleslaw. Wonderful!

Karen and Gary live in a high rise condo on the 19th floor. Their condo overlooks Ron's complex and beyond. The view from their balcony is spectacular! The evening was lovely, with good food and lively conversation. Thank you, Karen and Gary for your great hospitality!

One view of the Makaha Valley from Karen and Gary's balcony

That's the ocean out there in the dusky mist

Back home, we settled in for the evening. I'm going to try to stay awake until 9:30 p.m. Honolulu time! (which is 2:30 a.m. Michigan time.)  As of tomorrow I should be acclimated to this time zone and ready to rock and roll!!

Tomorrow's plan is a lot of beach time, and perhaps some whale watching!! The temperature for today will be 82 degrees! (I have a BIG smile on my face!!) Until tomorrow, then!


Marcia Clarke said...

Wow! That was definitely a travel adventure, but so totally worth it judging from your fabulous pictures.
Have a wonderful stay!

theshaun said...

Oh ya!!!! Been there a couple of really is paradise, and I don't like the heat usually, but there and Jamaica were some of my fondest memories!