Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Angels Unaware!!

I do believe in Angels! Some are unseen, with wings and perhaps halos! Others are everyday people, people who choose to go out of their way to do a kindness. I ran into a few today!

I arrived at the Los Angeles airport this morning, praying to be able to get on a flight to Honolulu! As I went through the maze of construction at the "C" Concourse, my anticipation rose, in spite of myself! Because of the construction, the usual electronic monitors were not up and running.

I approached the agent at the gate for the first flight to Honolulu. The gentleman's name is Alan. (Perhaps spelled Allen) I asked how the flight looked for standby. He told me it was oversold, as were the other two flights today!

Did I look pitiful? I don't think so, but perhaps I did. This gentleman turned into an angel! He checked the flight going to Maui, and declared- "There are plenty of seats available to Maui, and you could buy a ticket for a flight from Maui to Honolulu. It would cost the same as a hotel room tonight." (He was sprouting angel wings as he spoke!)

I told him I needed to think about it for a moment and stepped away from the podium. I called my friend Ron in Honolulu and told him of the new plan. He said "Go for it! I'll make reservations for you with Hawaiian Air from Maui to Honolulu, purchase the ticket, and get you a seat assignment!" Another angel!

Stepping back to the podium, I asked Alan if he would list me on the Maui flight, which he gladly did. Pop! His halo just appeared! (Be aware that none of the assistance he gave me is part of his job! Since I'm a retired flight attendant, it's normally up to me to check if flights have seats available and to put myself on the standby list. Since I couldn't get on the Internet on such short notice, Alan saved the day!)

As I worked my way back through the maze of construction at concourse "C", heading for concourse B and my Maui flight, my friend Ron called. He had an e-ticket on a flight from Maui to Honolulu, and a seat assignment! POP! Another halo just appeared!! I arrived at the gate for the flight to Maui moments before they called my name to board!!

My view from my window seat as we winged our way to Maui

Landing in Maui, I was amazed how close the mountains were to the runway!

My Hawaiian Air flight that "Angel Ron" booked for me!

Along with every silver lining, a bit of rain must fall. The good news is that both my flight from L.A. to Maui and from Maui to Honolulu were experienced without a hitch! The rain? My suitcase was still in L.A.! Since my luggage tag said my destination on Delta was from L.A. to Honolulu, and a bag does not normally get on an airplane without the corresponding passenger being on board- my luggage was in jail, so to speak!

Ron picked me up at the airport! Once back at his condo, he gave baggage claim in L.A. a call, explained the situation, and arranged for my bag to get into Honolulu tomorrow! POP! Two halos for Ron!

I'm happily nestled in to Ron's Makaha Valley condo- on the Island of Oahu, west of the city of Honolulu! I'm here!

A heart filled "THANK YOU" to my two special angels! Without these two "angels unaware", I'd still be in L.A., only dreaming about the ocean breezes I now feel on my rather travel weary brow!

So off to an early bed I go! Tomorrow is a new day, a new adventure!

But, tomorrow my  adventure will be in Paradise!! (I say this with a heart filled with gratitude, to Angel Alan, and my wonderful friend- host- and Angel Ron!)

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Susan Lois Metler Henry said...

Marcy - nice to hear of your experiences! Sincerely, Susan Henry (we met at Buon Gusto)