Monday, January 23, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- The Stark Beauty & Mystery Of A Michigan Winter

Writing about the weather may seem "trite". But the constant changing whims of Mother Nature effects us all here in Michigan!

It effects our commute, our wardrobe, our heating bills, and our recreation! (Even, for some, our moods.)

As I type away, the thunderstorm (in January!) has subsided, and the rain has turned into an overcast drizzle, with temperatures in the 50's.

At these moments we don't know if we should unpack the Spring wardrobe, put on rain boots and break out the umbrella, or just add these things to our car trunk- already packed with a snow shovel, sand, and a winter emergency kit!

Just a few days ago we had a Michigan snow storm!

With a deep chill that drove me inside, the snow fell in great swirls of windy white. The aftermath was glorious! Stark, lacking in glorious color, it none the less has an austere beauty that begged for silent reverie!.

At these moments, cold weather enthusiasts run for the ski slops, the snow mobile, or the ice to skate.

For those of us who cling to the furniture in the ski resort main lodge, whining- "NO! Don't make me go out there!"- a good book by the fireplace, coupled with a hot drink or a cup of soup is the past time of choice!

Whether you ice skate, ski, snow board, sled, snowmobile, or snuggle by a cozy fireplace- one has to admit that winter in Michigan can have it's own unique beauty!

Mother Nature will do as she will.  I've been in Michigan more than half of my life- and still find the winters here a mystery. Since it's totally out of our control, best to find beauty and fun where we can.

We are sure to get our blizzards, our icy roads, and our biting temperatures- so today's "warm" is a reprieve from winter- and with it, a faint whispered promise of a Spring to come.

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Marcia Clarke said...

Aaah, winter...I do not miss it, but the pictures look so pretty. LOL