Sunday, January 1, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Goodbye to 2011- With Gratitude!!

2011 was a year of changes, challenges, and wonderful memories!

I moved to Pinckney this past Spring, and moving has it's own challenges! It was a good move. I love the location, with nature trails and farm land close at hand.

The moments I'm so grateful for are moments with friends and loved ones! And second on the list is my ability to travel and enjoy all the beauty nature has in store. Each location has it's own beauty, and I'm profoundly grateful to be able to see, record, and share these moments with my readers!

I've shared many of these moments in the past few days, so will not bore you with too many repeats.

To the friends and loved ones who have helped to make this year a fun and exciting adventure, THANK YOU!

To my roommate Diana, who shares my love of history and travel, thanks for going with me to Boston! What a wonderful, history packed week!

To my son Steven, who calls from time to time and says "Come fly with me!"

And Thank You again, Steven, for your help getting me this Beautiful Ride!!! Class!

To my daughter-in-law Mia, my shopping pal and tour guide through Holland, Michigan

To my grandchildren- Evan and Payton, who were willing to share some of my adventures with me.

To my friend Kalyani and her wonderful family, for including me in  their wonderful celebrations!

To my son David and his girlfriend Jill, for the wonderful discussions and fun evenings over sushi!

To my daughter-in-law's parents, Bill and Willy, for their friendship, kindness, and hospitality!

To my camera shy friend L.J., who included me in the wonderful afternoon at the Detroit Opera House.

To my dear friend Gail (who I have known the longest) who loves me unconditionally and has counted me as family!

And to my dear friend and hostess extraordinaire, Phyllis- and her canine Kenny- for a marvelous, fantastic, and beauty filled visit to California!

To all you wonderful, fantastic people, my heart is filled with gratitude and wonderful memories, thanks to all of you!

Now the adventure continues! What will 2012 have in store? Follow along, dear readers, for I'm sure wonderful adventures lay ahead!

May each of you have a wonderful New Year, filled with Love, Accomplishment, and Adventure!

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