Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marcy's Travel Blog- Friendships Are Bright Threads In Life's Tapestry

I have friends in Canton who originally came from India. From time to time I help them out with their children. They have become dear friends. (Perhaps you remember the wonderful Birthday party I wrote about?) The family went back to India for a month, and came back with stories of wonderful experiences with their family and friends!

No matter where "back home" is, the most cherished treasures seem to be family, friends, and the wonderful memories we glean in the process.

I was so happy to reconnect with this family recently!. Adults and children alike greeted me with such warmth! And my goodness- the gifts! In the pictures you see the new outfit they brought back for me! (Called a Salwar)  I also received a beautiful pair of earrings and a silk wallet!

As I reveled in the friendship, warmth, and caring of this family, I was reminded that of all life's adventures- opening ones self  to the different cultures and peoples of this world- is to gain the treasures of friendship and understanding that make life so rich!

My life's tapestry is indeed richer and more colorful for knowing such fine people! From Korea to Rome,  Boston to Hawaii- both within this country, and around the world- the acquaintances and friendships I've gleaned are priceless!

A warm "Thank You" to the Atmakur family!!

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