Thursday, December 8, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Old World Beauty and Natures Majesty!

Our view of the beach and mountains from our table!

Yesterday was truly a feast for the eyes! As often happens, our plans for the day changed somewhat. With Santa Barbara 10 miles north, we decided to started with lunch there at  Sterns Wharf. (Food was o.k., the service was good.) View was wonderful!

Our plan was to meander Santa Barbara for a bit then head for a Mission in that area. Instead, we visited a place that was less a building and more a experience in beautiful architecture and art! When speaking of beauty, pictures do more justice to a subject than words.

Archway at the Santa Barbara Court House going into the sunken gardens

Clock tower at the Court house

Bougainvillea (boo-gan-via) -  Beautiful prolific flowering vine

Court house round tower

Beautiful arched doorways and ceilings

Tiled sitting area - there was beautiful tiled areas everywhere!

Archways to the exterior and garden area

Decorative wooden beams

The top of the clock tower was a viewing platform

A spectacular view through the archways

Red tiled roofs lead to the ocean

The mountains seem to stand guard over the city

Wind blown and happy!

The ocean view from the tower

Painting inside the Courthouse depicting the yearly Fiesta. which ends at the courthouse sunken gardens

Archway and steps leading to the sunken garden

One area of the sunken garden

The Bougainvilla adds color by blooming year round

The shadows told us the sun was going down! It sets around 4:30 here!

We raced home to gather up Phyllis's dog Kenny, dress warmly. and head for the beach to watch the sun set over the ocean. Even Kenny the dog has a coat!

Kenny the dog sits patiently while Phyllis readies her camera for a shot

A Sea Gull Seems to bask in the last light of the day

Phyllis and Kenny enjoying a moment of solitude

The sun, rested for a brief moment on the horizon

Kenny, enjoying the last rays of sun.

Goodbye to the sun for another day. Once home, Phyllis and I reflected on the beauty of the day. I feel so blessed to be in this place at this time! My cup runneth over!



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