Saturday, December 31, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- November Was Amazing!

November and the first week of December proved to be a Michigan adventure involving friends, family, and of course- the Thanksgiving holiday!

Being able to watch "The Nutcracker" at the Detroit Opera House was a special treat! Thank you so much, L.J.! (You'll see a bit more of that later.)

When my son Steven calls and says "Come Fly With Me!", I'm out the door before I hang up the phone! Our flight in November was to Jackson, Mi. for breakfast- then some exploring by air!

Exploring by air, it's amazing to see the number of lakes- they're everywhere!

I hung with my friends in Canton- coming up with creative ideas for "bad weather" days!

At the Library on a cold day. 7 year old Meghana has become quite the reader!

Red sun in the morning, sailors be warning.

Statue at the Canton Library

My granddaughter and Sanica are close to the same age, so I arranged  a play date. They got along famously! Meghana was wonderful, sharing her Barbie cloths with them!

                                       They are both hoping for more play dates to come!

I had the privilege of being invited to a very special Birthday party- India style!

                                    The poor Birthday girl, Sanica (on the far right) was sick!

Thanksgiving was an extraordinary time; the  company of family, delicious food, and small grandchildren to delight us all!

                                I'm sure Otto felt he had his own things to be grateful for!

My visit to the Detroit Opera House to help with the matinee was a delightful experience!

                                 During intermission a choir sang- and they sounded heavenly!

And Santa was there to hear the children's wishes, with my friend L.J. playing the part of Christmas Carol -relaying those wishes to the parents.

The first part of December saw me traveling a bit north! I am so honored to be part of my friend Gail Wyatt's celebration in Big Rapids, Mi., where she was honored for her work in the community!

My friend Gail's a calendar girl! She helped form this 18 month calendar as a fund raiser. (She's Ms. February!)

Gail and I laughed until I cried. Gail's doll seemed none to pleased with the mess I made in the guest room! Ha!

           If laughter's the best medicine, my friend Gail and I will have a very healthy 2012!

This month was a delightful time of being surrounded with friends and family, where laughter was in abundance, and good food a plenty!

With December came an invitation to California,  Holiday activities, a special Birthday celebration for son Steven, and of course- Christmas! Please join me tomorrow as I conclude this most amazing year!

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