Monday, December 26, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Memories Are The Best Collectibles!

My Grandchildren Evan and Payton.

There were two places calling me to celebrate this year. My older son, who is an airline pilot, had the rare privilege of having Christmas day at home. Usually he's flying! My younger son was hosting his own Christmas dinner this year!
 So- it was Christmas Brunch with Steven and his family, and Christmas dinner with David and crew!

 Steven's family celebration started with an awesome dive into the Christmas gifts!

My Grandson Evan is eight, and Granddaughter Payton (lovingly called Paylee) is two. She'll turn three next month!

Note the change of cloths! Mia's folks had gotten her new p.j.'s. As soon as she opened the gift, she stripped and put these on!

Mia trying on one of the headphones she and Steven got from his dad for their airplane!

Mia's folks Bill and Willy, enjoying the gift carnage!

Evan and Steven with new ice fishing gear! (The best is yet to come!)

Steven helping Payton change the baby doll's cloths

Realizing it's a bit harder than it looks!

Goofing off for the camera! We all laughed at his attempts to dress baby doll, but got the job done.

Time for food! Willy baked the sweet bread, I made the fruit salad, and Mia made the wonderful egg dish!

LOVE this picture! Mia and her mom making the egg dish! They work like a team in the kitchen!

Payton, wondering what was in the BIG package!

Her own kitchen!

Payton showing Papa Gene items for her baby doll!

Showing off her back pack.

Gifts that Santa left

7 Princess Barbies!

I LOVE Payton's age! She loves sharing her toys, even with daddy!

My Christmas gift this year, from myself and son Steven! LOVE it!

This was the "best is yet to come" gift- an ice fishing tent! Evan can fish and read on the new Nook Reader he got!

We had a few moments of intently watching the t.v.-

We were watching Mia's brother, who made a commercial for "Skoreit"!

Steven's dog Otto was a bit confused by all the goings on- and wondering why he couldn't eat "all" the treats in his stocking at once!

Gloves from the grandkids, business cards from Mia, food stuffs from Japan from Papa Gene, and deep sea cosmetics from Mia's folks- and my new Cadillac! My oh my! My favorite gift? The memories! As I said goodbye to them all, my heart was full, as was my tummy and camera! What a great Christmas morning!

 My younger son, David, lives in Ann Arbor and was hosting his own Christmas dinner for myself, his girl friend Jill, and a friend with no where else to go for the holidays. It ended up that the friend couldn't make it. He certainly missed out on a wonderful dinner! The menu here was prime rib roast, baked potatoes, wild rice, and sauteed asparagus, and  apple crisp dessert! All was made by his girl friend Jill! (Wonderful cook!)

Jill whipped a butter and pepper mis.

Then she encased the rib roast in the mixture. David's highly allergic to garlic , and many other seasonings, but Jill has found ways to make her dishes yummy anyway!

With the roast and potatoes in the oven, we exchanged gifts! David and Jill liked their gift cards!

We had a quiet afternoon, enjoying their tree and each other's company!

The table, just waiting on the wild rice!

The holidays certainly have taken their toll on my diet and waistline! I know what my New Years resolution will be come January first! Back to the good old exercise routine! But the holidays are no time for me to be too cautious! I love food too much! And my family are all wonderful cooks and bakers! Yet another wonderful meal! I actually took some food home from David and Jill's! I simply had no more room in my tummy!

What a lovely holiday I've had! Yes, the weather cooperated, and the gifts and food were wonderful! But my favorite part was spending time with people I love, sharing a laugh or two, and  colllecting more great memories! Indeed, my cup of good fortune continually overflows!

I ended the day with great gratitude in my heart for my wonderful family and extended family! I feel so blessed to have that day! Of all the things money can buy, nothing beats the loving company of friends and family, good food, and lots of laughter! May each of you also be as blessed!

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