Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- Carpinteria, California - A Delightful Experience!

Carpinteria has that wonderful friendly feel of a small town. My hostess Phyllis took a day for us to meander the streets in the sunshine, enjoying the sights, sounds, and yes- the tastes of the area!

Our first stop was an outdoor lunch at a Mexican restaurant called "Oaxaca". The gentleman who waited on us was wonderful, even bringing a bowl of water for Kenny Canine! The food was great- but couldn't finish it all!

Wonderful views from our walk down Main Street!:

We wandered down to the State Beach at the end of the main street.

Picnic and play area at the beach.

Something about this lone tree on the beach that tugs at my heart!

This is a bush, but they really look like wild daisies. Couldn't find out what the were.

A breathtaking view of the mountains from the Main Street!

Walking back, we window shopped. I knew I dare not go into these places- it would've wreaked havoc on my budget!  Phyllis and I  talked about how friendly everyone was. This was truly a small town with that wonderful small town "feel"! Phyllis told me she loves it here. The beaches, bluffs, shops, and the people- all the things that make this place feel like "home"!

I'd love to have a beach house like this one! So pretty!

A view of the street with the canopies and umbrellas

Now THAT'S the Christmas spirit!

We caught a glimpse of the last pink rays of sunset, a fitting end to our small town adventure!

In the evening we were joined by Phyllis' friend Andy (Andrea) as we dined at a wonderful Italian restaurant called "Giannfranco's Trattoria". Though a bit pricey, it is a wonderful treat for any special occasion! Plus, they had my favorite Italian rice dish- Risotto with seafood!

I thoroughly enjoyed this day! And the Italian food was a perfect end! Thank you Phyllis and Andy for the delightful company!

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