Monday, November 21, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- A Birthday Party, India Style!

I received a special invitation by the Atmakur family to attend their daughter Sanika's third Birthday party. I was told it would be a small affair, only 80 or so guests. (Many times the guest list can number close to 300!)
 It was a wonderful party,except for one problem! The Birthday girl was ill! Poor Sanica was cold and hot, tired and weak! Her parents had given her tylonol to help, but she just didn't feel good! (No fun being sick on your Birthday!)
She said she felt like a princess. I think she looked like one, even feeling under the weather!

She begged me to hold her on my lap, so the two of us sat and observed as the guests arrived and the first food service began. She was too ill to play, or even welcome guests. She just wanted to snuggle on my lap and watch

As friends and family arrived I was in awe of the beautiful and colorful sarees that the women wore! (I chose not to wear mine, since it would have taken forever to put it on right!) Everyone was gracious and welcoming. They made me feel right at home! The rest of the story is best told in pictures!

These beautiful paper flowers were made by Meghana, age 7!

                                  I love the beautiful, colorful sarees! (Women's outfits)

Lovely! Sanica's big sister Meghana on the left!

The Atmakur family: Kalyani, Meghana, Vinod, and Sanika

The children greeting Sanika were sad she was not feeling well.

The cake!

The children crowd in for the cake cutting ceremony

The men gathered at the back to catch up on the latest.

The women had their own chat groups

There was beautiful music and talented guests singing!

Everyone greeted me warmly and made me feel welcome!

By 9:30p.m.  I needed to leave. Kalyani told me that the party was just beginning, with dinner yet to be served. Music and dancing were to follow. ( I understand these affairs last until 1 a.m.!)

I had obligations elsewhere so bid Birthday girl Sanika and her beautiful mama Kalyani goodbye.

Kalyani has told me that Sanica was at the doctors the next day. She has a virus and also a bacterial infection, so is now on antibiotics, and is feeling better already! I'm glad it's nothing more serious! Happy Birthday, Sanika! Thank you for sharing your special day with me! Feel better soon! ( Sick or well, Sanika is a LOVELY little princess!)

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