Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog-Canton, Michigan- With A Flavor Of India! (Day #2)

   I awoke to rain this morning, but was NOT going to let that dampen my spirits!!
    First stop of the day was the "Big Apple Bagel" shop at 302  Canton Center Road near the post office.! I've come here many times. What first impressed me  was when I was wandering the roads one early-(very early morning)- in search of a good cup of coffee.-stopped at their shop- and realized they were not opening for another 20 minutes. As I walked back to my car, one of the owners opened the door and invited me in- apologizing that they were just setting up- but the coffee was ready! I'm also impressed with the fact that the owners have such good memories! The second time I came in they greeted me warmly and remembered what I had ordered the week before! How they do that I don't know! But, it made quite a lasting impression! The owners, Dennis Griffin and Glenn Nerninger are always happy to help with special orders. In case your in this area, you can call ahead with your order, and they will have it ready for you! (734) 981-1300.  Thanks guys, for your great service and baked goods! Plus, you make a mean cup of coffee!

A coffee shop right at the library!
  Our next adventure had to wait until after nap time. (The little one, not me! Ha!) This was lucky, because the rain had stopped by the time we left the house. We headed for the Canton Public Library. 

Their children's section is well planned and delightful. This section's librarian today was Marianne, who was very gracious and helpful with all my questions. There are sections devoted to play, many small tables , big chairs to curl up in, and a bank of computers.

Meghana enjoying a chapter book
This is just one of many computer areas

We also found a private cubby with toys, books, and a raised area for sitting. It overlooked an atrium that had two statues of children reading. It was a lovely and secluded spot, one that I think the girls liked the best.

  A special "Thank You" to Marianne the Librarian, who was gracious in giving suggestions and information!

 Before heading home we went behind the library to "Heritage Park", a lovely expanse of water, trees, grass, and sitting areas.

We notice a male and female duck on their late afternoon stroll. I silently wondered if they were staying for the winter, or just making a pit stop on their way south!

For our evening meal we went to 'Neehee's - Indian Vegetarian Street Food"!

    Kalyani ordered three dishes: (1) Hakka Noodles- with vegetables  (2) Chola Bathura - chick peas in a red sauce served with a type of flat bread  (3) Chaat - a type of dip made of mint, chili, onion, and tamarind. The food was wonderful! "Thank You" to the folks at  Neehee's!  Friendly greetings and good food!

I ate too much. Between the food and my lack of sleep  (due to the time change?) I could have curled up on one of the tables and fallen  asleep! I'm full and happy, and ready for some rest! Thanks to Kalyani and girls for introducing me to new and different foods!

 Tomorrow will be an adventure looking for a place to happen - and a lot will depend on the weather!

Until then- remember that life IS an adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!

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Veni said...

Hi Kalyani's sister viewing your blog from India since you've started it. Am thoroughly enjoying each post of yours, specially the one where you are exploring Canton with my two little angels!!
The blog is crisp and pictures are feels nice to see someone making such good use of their time and sharing their experiences with others...keep writing...waiting for more :)