Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog-Canton, Michigan- And A Flavor Of India!! (Day #1)

Beautiful Sunrise Over Canton!

    I lived in Canton for four years. During that time I became acquainted with a wonderful family from India. I now help them out with their children from time to time, and feel honored to call them my friends. They have two little girls, Meghana (age 7) and Sanika (age 2- soon to be 3)  I'm staying with them this week as I explore Canton for some "out of the way" adventures and yummy places to eat! The little girls have agreed to accompany me on a few of my adventures!

   A little bit of Canton history  (which was  a surprise to me!):   Canton is a charter township of Wayne County and created in 1834! (Didn't realize the township was that old!) Canton was named after the City of Canton in China, in part because of the improved relations at that time with that country. Originally the self-sustaining farming was the main source of income here. Dairy farming was also at one time all important, but today Canton has one large dairy, run by the descendants of another earlier family, the Gills.

   On my check-off  list for this week is the Canton Public Library, the one room school house that now is the "Canton Historical Society and Museum",  Heritage Park, and whatever other gems I may find along the way! (That will include a few restaurants and maybe some unique shops!)

Sanika's sweet smile! (age- 3 years old the end of next week!)

   Along with exploring Canton, I'll be sharing some wonderful Indian foods and culture with my friends here! (The "saree" you see me wearing in my profile picture was a gift from this family.)

Meghana (age 7) was worried that her halloween outfit would not look right with warm cloths underneath. She was "Tinker Bell". Wow! Wings! I thought she looked darling!

Meghana (Tinker Bell) and Sanika (Cow Girl) getting ready for trick or treating!
   Please join me each day this week while I share my adventure here and enjoy a bit of the flavor of the East!

   Life is a wonderful adventure, even when it's a bumpy ride!!

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