Friday, October 14, 2011

Marcy's Travel Blog- What To Do When It's Cold And Wet??!!

If Payton can't come up with adventure, NO one can!

I've taken a few days off to develop a "travel/adventure" plan in and around Livingston County, Michigan!

    Here's what's in the works! Tonight I will be looking for adventure with my two year old Granddaughter Payton! Tomorrow will be a shopping adventure with my Daughter-in-law Mia, the shopping guru! And Sunday I will be exploring the Howell Library and a family friendly eatery! Wet and Cold be damned, adventure is out there, just waiting!

  So please check in with me tomorrow! You never know what trouble Payton and I may get into!

                 Life is an adventure! Even when it's a chilly, rainy, bumpy ride!!

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